Prototype 2

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  • Feel powerful – Great story – Tonnes of exploration
  • Some repetition – Could use more polish

Prototype 2 offers a mixture of open world gameplay and action adventure with a fun (and powerful) twist. The game was published by Activision and released on consoles in April 2012 (with a Windows release in July).


The game has a different main character than the original Prototype (released in 2009) but there is still a story link. This makes the game series accessible to new players but will also entertain players that played and enjoyed the original game.

In Prototype 2 players take on the role of James Heller who is infected with the Blacklight virus (or Mercer virus) which gives him a wide variety of powers including agility, strength, invulnerability, stamina and speed.

The gameplay of Prototype 2 is very similar to the original with players able to take on the memories or identities of others while also shape shifting in a number of other ways. The AI is also very reactive to the player making it quite a challenge if you haven’t carefully thought your approach through. This aspect of Prototype 2 allows players to tackle tasks and missions in a variety of ways, giving the game some strategy.

Tendrils are a new addition to the Prototype series which grow from the players arms and come with their own powers from smashing game objects together or dismembering enemies completely.


Missions are a plenty in the Prototype 2 universe which players can select freely and complete as they please, with most being connected to the main storyline and not just pointless busy missions.

Prototype 2 is an enjoyable and unique experience that has definite appeal to fans of free roam games.


  • Unique storyline which hasn’t been done before.
  • Does the original game justice.
  • Feel like a superhero with your virus based powers.
  • Plenty of exploration and experimentation options.
  • Believable game world and characters.



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