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  • Mix of genres – Huge list of monsters – Simple but also deep at the same time
  • Requires internet connection to play

If you love the casual puzzle matching genre but want a game with a bit more action to its gameplay you might just like Puzzle & Dragons, which offers a mixture of RPG and puzzle matching.


The game began its app journey in Japan during early 2012 and thanks to its huge success there the game was ported into several other languages and countries. Puzzle & Dragons uses a split screen presentation with the top half of your device representing your team of monsters and the enemy while the bottom half of the screen is where the puzzle gameplay takes place.

At the start of your Puzzle & Dragons adventure players will get to choose their own starting monster. In a similar vein to the Pokemon series you’ll have the option of a water (Plessie), fire (Tyrra) and wood (Branchy) dragon. Players will have plenty of opportunity throughout the game to grow and evolve their team with the hundreds of creatures in the game.

Once you’ve selected your starting dragon you’ll get the taste of your very first dungeon where players can encounter other monsters and must defeat them with their own monster team.

These dungeons each end with a fairly difficult boss monster which does give you a great sense of progression as you overcome some tough foes. Attacking monsters that you encounter in dungeons is where the puzzle elements of the game come to life requiring the player to match orbs in groups of three or more (horizontal and vertically) to deal damage.


Puzzle orbs come in a variety of types with matching a certain colour allowing monsters of that type to attack. For example matching three or more fire orbs will cause the fire based monsters in your party to attack. Each battle will earn the player a certain amount of experience and gold coins which allow you to get even more monsters into your party.

If you’re a fan of monster capturing or just casual games in general Puzzle & Dragons is a really impressive mixture of the two genres.


  • Fun mixture of Pokemon and Bejeweled puzzle matching.
  • Huge amount of choice with hundreds of different monsters.
  • Evolve, find and buy new monsters for your collection.
  • Fight enemies and epic boss battles in the dungeons.
  • Plenty of built in social features to connect you with other players.



Review Platform: iOS

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