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  • Pirate theme – Puzzle variety
  • Older game

Puzzle Pirates has been a popular MMO since 2003 and combines pirates and puzzles (in case the name hadn’t given it away already). The game can be downloaded, played directly in your browser or installed on your iPad (released Aug 2013).


There aren’t many MMOs with a pirate theme out there which makes Puzzle Pirates a very attractive option for the pirate fan that might already have exhausted the other pirate games such as Pirate101.

Being an MMO experience the game is very open ended and there is a dedicated community behind the game which ensures there is always somebody new to talk with. In Puzzle Pirates there is plenty to do with players able to join their own pirate crew, move up the ranks, manage your own shop, take over your own island and much more. Players will often find themselves greeted with pirate minded people with plenty of pirate chatter in the chat boxes.

Gameplay in Puzzle Pirates is split between a number of mini games (over 20) and while this might not appeal to everyone there is enough puzzle variety to keep you entertained for the long term. Puzzles offer a mixture of single player and multiplayer options where you’ll have to either compete or work with other players.


A majority of these puzzles will take place on your own pirate ship with your crew mates as you attempt to steer your ship through the dangerous seas. You’ll need someone on the sails, a crew man running repairs and of course you’ll need someone on the cannons. Puzzles don’t only take place on your ships though with plenty of towns, islands and taverns to also explore.

Puzzle Pirates has survived over a decade on the PC and its recent iPad versions shows that the game is still going strong. The gameplay and setting are as unique as you can get and you won’t find a similar experience anywhere else.


  • Available on PC, browsers and your iPad.
  • A game that has developed over a decade.
  • Pirate based MMO.
  • Over 20 different puzzles.
  • Housing, ranks and the ability to run your own shop.



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