Puzzle Quest 2

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  • Genre mixture – Strong role playing elements – Plenty of strategy depth
  • Not suited for long play sessions as it gets repetitive quickly

Puzzle Quest 2 blends role playing with puzzle elements to create an interesting game that has proven quite popular. The game originally launched for the Nintendo DS but is now available across many platforms.


Puzzle Quest 2 plays out like most role playing games with the player travelling around the game world completing quests for various non player characters. The game world does offer some exploration but is mostly a linear experience with players adventuring along a set path.

At the start of the game you’ll get the opportunity to pick from one of the four classes that each have their own gameplay style. Character classes include the all-round strong Barbarian, the Sorcerer who has lots of spells but lower hit points, the Assassin who has weak attacks but powerful combos and the Templar who is capable of absorbing lots of damage.

Players can further customise their Puzzle Quest experience through the five attributes (strength, agility, stamina, intelligence and morale) and items.

Combat is where the puzzle elements of the game show themselves with each battle taking place on a puzzle matching screen. On the left hand side your character’s portrait, health, mana, weapon and spells appear with the game board in the middle and your opponent on the right hand side. In order to win you’ll have to reduce your enemy’s health to zero which can be achieved in various ways.

You and your opponent take it in turns to make a move on the puzzle board which is very similar in style to other puzzle matching games. If you are able to connect three skulls together you’ll deal damage to your enemy, alternatively if you connect three coloured orbs together you’ll gain mana of that colour which can cast spells. Players can also collect fists which allow them to use their weapon for damage. If the player can connect four or more squares in a turn then they get to have another turn.


Because your opponent is using the same puzzle screen as you players must carefully consider how their move will affect the game board as a whole.

Puzzle Quest 2 successfully builds on the foundations of the original and delivers a very fun mixture of two genres that you wouldn’t think could ever succeed together.


  • Mixes role playing games with match three puzzle elements.
  • Explore an impressive world and help out the inhabitants of the game.
  • Four very different classes to choose from.
  • Customise your character with stats and items.
  • Available on a huge number of different platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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