Rage War

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  • Advance through the ages – Place your units strategically in raids
  • Average presentation and visuals

Travel back in time as you build up your own thriving settlement, repair your time machine and conquer the savage armies that oppose you. Rage War takes the browser based MMORTS into a fun and unique direction with plenty of content to explore across periods of time.


Starting your adventure in an air ship after a time travel disaster players claim an abandoned settlement for themselves while they hunt down pieces to the time machine to bring it back into working order. Available to play in your browser (or download for PC/Mac) Rage War supports cross platform play across iOS and Android as well to ensure you can keep tabs on your settlement wherever you go.

The foundation of your settlement like any civilisation is your workers which also serve as the primary game currency and can be generated through housing structures and are spent for a range of tasks (most notably particular buildings). Alongside workers is your wealth which is generated  and spent in a similar manner. All of these structures evolve slowly over time as players go from the stone age to the bronze age and beyond.

Other key mechanics to consider in Rage War include culture which is required to build production and military buildings and is generated by constructing culture specific buildings and connecting your buildings via roads which also provides a boost to efficiency. These small touches make city planning vital to Rage War and prevents you from just spamming buildings in a meaningless way as careful players will have the economic advantage.


The single player campaign portion splits itself over 7 different islands (each with a time machine piece) which players conquer with their created army. Avoiding automatic battles Rage War lets players place their troops strategically on the battlefield to overcome enemy defences. Raiding of other players works in a similar manner as does defending against others, ensuring players need to consider defensive structures.

Overall Rage War hides a wealth of content and pairs it with decent presentation to keep you building, researching and raiding over an extended period of time.


  • Build, research and raid your way to victory.
  • Advance from stone age to bronze and beyond.
  • Rebuild the time machine through the lengthy campaign.
  • Raid others to climb through the leader board.
  • Use tactics when sending your troops into battle.



Review Platform: PC

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