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  • Destructible environments – Story
  • All feels too repetitive by the end

Red Faction is a first person shooter adventure released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2, Windows and Mac. Set on Mars in the 21st century players take part in the revolution on the planet against the oppressive Ultor Corporation.


The plot in Red Faction is set on Mars where you take control of Parker a miner working for Ultor. With poor living conditions and generally unsafe work practices you join the revolt of the Red Faction against Ultor and the security forces. This adventure will take you across the mining complex and has plenty of twists and turns to the story that make the plot a very enjoyable journey.

Behind this great plot driven experience is a destructible environment that lets players destroy everything around them. Want to create a new tunnel or destroy that wall in front of you? Simply attach an explosive pack or a launch a missile that way. Players can also expect some vehicle sequences and some stealth elements to provide some mission variety.

Beyond these features Red Faction is your standard first person shooter with players collecting various weapons and using them on security forces to advance the story forward. It’s a linear campaign but some good side paths can reveal some interesting locations and provide much needed loot for your powerful weapons. Every shot that you fire from your shotgun, rifle or missile launcher in particular feel really impactful with a good variety of sounds (and enemy screams) bringing them to life.


The game does use some light humour such as being able to attach explosive packs to enemies which help make the experience more light-hearted.

Red Faction is definitely one of the classic shooters of the day and was so far ahead of other games at the time. While the graphics haven’t aged well the story and overall gameplay still promises a great first person shooter experience.


  • Battle the Ultor Corporation on Mars on behalf of Red Faction.
  • A great story with plenty of twists and turns in your adventure.
  • Destructible environments let you destroy anything in sight.
  • Good weapon variety and strong AI keeps combat interesting.
  • Vehicles and stealth missions add more depth to the game.



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