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  • Hatching focus – Avatar customisation and class
  • Large learning curve

Rescreatu is an online virtual pet game that takes place across a number of planets. Focusing on the hunting of monster eggs, friends and the collection of rare items Rescreatu is a unique and popular online social experience with a number of unique mechanics.


After creating your Rescreatu account players will be given the opportunity to create their own game avatar from a healthy dose of options. Once in the game this avatar can be customised further to choose their class and planet of residence. This unique option allows players to select between playing as a rancher or merchant who earn in-game currency in different ways.

On the one hand ranchers can hatch up to three of the eggs they find each day with a higher chance of rare colours. Ranchers earn game currency (TU) primarily for releasing unwanted pets. Meanwhile merchants gain a permanent 10% discount at all NPC stores but are limited to a single hatching per day. Players will then further customise their account by choosing their home planet which grants access to a special location.

With your established account players will start hatching pets from the eggs that are found randomly around the site. Alternatively, they can be purchased from other ranchers with rare ones fetching quite the price.


Other aspects of Rescreatu include a food pen that automatically feeds your pets when they get hungry, player shops to sell the goods that you have collected, games to give you items or game currency, events to show off, chat to stay in touch with other members and lots more.

The unique hatching experience around Rescreatu makes it a little different from the other online virtual pet games that are out there and well worth playing.


  • A free online pet game based around egg hatching and collecting.
  • An active community with hundreds online everyday.
  • Automatically feed your pets with the feeding pen.
  • Choose your avatar class and customise your visual appearance.
  • Auctions, shops, games and quests offer plenty of gameplay.



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