ABCmouse – Early Learning Academy

  • Balances fun and educational content for younger children with plenty of rewards to learning activities
  • Fully voiced content with great variety of activities across reading, math, science and art
  • Can be overwhelming to navigate with content scattered around multiple menus and locations
  • No easy to setup free to play option for kids with free trial access only requiring parents

ABCmouse Early Learning Academy is a paid educational website that combines the curriculum of preschool and kindergarten with an impressive variety of games and activities. Covering the key foundations of reading, writing, math, music and more it’s a great way to get a head start while having lots of fun and offers an alternative option to the free to play social games in the children’s market by providing a more structured educational based experience.


ABCmouse offers plenty of customisation from selecting your preferred teacher, to choosing pets and creating an avatar of your child that will allow them to better connect with the activities. This allows the ABCmouse gameplay to be suitable for everyone and with the ability to have multiple children under the one account you can ensure that every child advances at their own pace and has their own progression while saving on cost.

While the amount of content can first seem overwhelming ABCmouse does make it easier by offering pre-determined learning paths for users to follow along with which will mix and match various activities to focus on a single topic. For example when selecting preschool level activities the first lesson covers reading with a focus on the sounds of A and B with a mixture of colouring, tracing, reading, games, memory match and printable activities. The strong variety keeps this learning game entertaining while also offering the important repetitiveness that is required in a learning environment to be truly effective.


ABCmouse also allows you to have more freedom over the learning experience with the ability to go through and complete activities as you please which allows a child to select their preferred learning tool. On top of all the learning content you’ll also get the pleasure of visiting the zoo, petpark, farm and even your own room which have even more activities to engage in and offer a break from the otherwise learning focused modules.

In your personal room players can change their avatars look with all sorts of costumes, decorate their fish tank or create the perfect habitat for their hamster to add some more traditional gaming elements. Each one of these actions comes with a ticket price tag though and with tickets are earned for completing activities or lessons they are a fun way to reward hard working students with customisation options.


The mixture of learning, gaming and activities in ABCmouse offers a perfect balance between fun and personal development. It also has some light gaming features that make it a viable alternative to the wave of children based browser MMOs on the market. This is particularly true for children aged between the ages of 2 and 8 where these games are generally inappropriate.


  • Designed for ages 2-8 with a wealth of learning based content for young developing minds.
  • Learning and gaming combined into one with rewards for learning tied to customisation.
  • Follow specific class plans or open up the whole range of activities instead to focus on your favourites.
  • Customise an avatar, fish tank and hamster home with your earned tickets.
  • Play in your browser or access the content through a mobile device.



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