Advance Wars: Dual Strike

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  • Great foundations – Difficult challenges – New and old character mix
  • Plays a little safe

Advance Wars: Dual Strike belongs to the popular Advance Wars franchise and is available on the Nintendo DS platform. Taking place in a fresh location but continuing on from previous games with some elements Dual Strike is the ideal game for fresh faces to join the franchise but has that extra appeal for long time fans.


Set in Omega Land two new characters join the Dual Strike team (Jake and Rachel) who are the main protagonists for your adventure. While they are joined from time to time by other characters from the previous games they are brought into the fold in such a way that first time Advance War players won’t feel out of the loop.

Your usual nemesis The Black Hole Army returns with a new commander at the head, Von Bolt. Similar to your own team he is joined by both fresh and old faces as you battle to defeat him.

On the gameplay front you’ll find 28 campaign missions to test your military tactics ensuring there is more than enough content for several afternoons worth of play. Advance Wars: Dual Strike changes the formula little from previous instalments but definitely makes a few small refinements that fans would appreciate. One of the most notable new features is the dual front battles that require you to fight on two fronts at once to push your strategic thinking up one more level.

Core elements have changed very little though with players capturing points on the map, moving troops around on a grid like battlefield and various terrain elements requiring careful planning to navigate around (or through). The progression curve is also tightly packed together which ensures that more often than not you’ll have a new toy in each level be it a unit, skill or trait.


Advance Wars: Dual Strike is much more than just its campaign mode though with a map editor, a huge range of challenges and local multiplayer to add much more gameplay for those that want to take the gameplay hours even higher.

Fan of Advance Wars or not Dual Strike has plenty to keep both parties happy. New players will get everything that the series is known for while long time fans will find all the Advance War foundations that they love with enough extra challenge thrown on top.


  • Part of the popular Advance Wars franchise.
  • Campaign, challenges and multiplayer.
  • New characters combine with old to create a solid storyline.
  • Battle on two fronts for an extra challenging adventure.
  • Available on Nintendo DS.



Review Platform: DS

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