AdVenture Capitalist!

  • Unique character that puts a light-hearted skin on the classic incremental game formula
  • Simple design on the surface that offers plenty of optimisation and ongoing goals for players to chase
  • Slower in pace than similar titles and doesn't introduce anything new to the genre

AdVenture Capitalist! belongs to the incremental video game genre with players taking on the role of an up and coming capitalist as you invest funds, unlock new opportunities and more within a simple framework. Starting in 2014 the game gained significant popularity when it become available on mobile devices to claim top spots on the respective App stores for a period of time.


Now available on a wide range of platforms AdVenture Capitalist! has captured a wide audience for its simple but addicting gameplay which focuses on ever increasing numbers that provide new tweaks to the core game mechanics. In this incremental adventure game players start by manning their own humble lemonade stall which will earn a profit for players every few seconds provided they activate the process. From here you’ll earn a couple of dollars to upgrade your stand which will boost the revenue generated and with enough levels increase the speed in which income is generated to create a rapidly improving revenue loop.

Using these early profits players can quickly expand their operations to newspaper stands, car washes and eventually an oil company amongst other capital intensive business ventures. Managing all these companies as an individual can be difficult though which is where managers come into the equation which allow you to invest some of your hard earned cash into each business so that it passively generates funds for you instead to help your progress even when you are offline from the game.


AdVenture Capitalist! doesn’t limit players to the Earth either with expansion opportunities on the Moon and Mars when players have collected 100 trillion Earth dollars and 100 MegaBucks respectively. Like Earth these offer different businesses and managers to invest into while also changing mechanics slightly from the Earth formula. While these sound like large impossible goals AdVenture Capitalist! has many mechanics that allow you to tweak your capitalist strategy for higher income per hour levels than you ever imagined were possible.

These mechanics include the likes of angel investors, MegaBucks and gold which serve as secondary game currencies which can be created in a variety of ways and come with their own benefits. Angel investors in particular serve as the games reset mechanic with players trading all of their progress on businesses to date to unlock permanent revenue boosts which allow you to reach your current progress level in only a fraction of the time.


With hundreds of unlockables to boost your income, a great simplistic design and a simple but effective game reset mechanic you’ll be investing plenty of idle hours into AdVenture Capitalist! in order to tell your friends that you’ve unlocked it all. With all the mechanics combined players will be able to capitalise off the beauty of capitalism in AdVenture Capitalist! with a high quality incremental idle game which includes plenty of character.


  • Captures the essence of capitalism perfectly with players growing from humble beginnings to monolithic businesses.
  • Buy businesses, upgrade them and hire managers for passive income to reinvest into your capitalist empire.
  • Expand your empire to the Moon and even Mars that present new business opportunities to exploit.
  • Reset your game with the help of angel investors to boost profits further in an endless loop of higher profit numbers.
  • Play for free on your favourite device.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. I wouldn’t let a low rating score deter me (if I were you, and thank my luck I’m not) from trying the adventure capitalist game. It’s a cute game, it plays itself after the first few minutes, and for anyone that’s greedy aaaannnnddd impatient, this game can easily be modified with Cheat Engine (for much much faster profits). On a side-note, does anyone miss the Jade Cocoon games? Those were fun.

    Whatever, if you’ve scrolled all the way down here to read the comments, maybe you’re on the fence as to whether or not adventure capitalist would be worth your time. It is. Try it. Now, do it.

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