• Interesting evolution mechanic – Varied item and hamster designs
  • Slow level ups – Poor translations

AfroHamster promises a cute and funny adventure on your mobile device. Take your simple hamster and watch it evolve into a number of hilarious evolutions as you try to unlock them all (28 in total)


Players start with a single hamster in their cage with a food dish, hamster wheel and small house. Your first objective is to make sure your hamster is well fed which requires you to head out until the sunflower fields to collect seeds for food. These sunflowers slowly grow overtime and can be collected with a single click which then automatically fills up the food bowl.

Your hamster won’t eat automatically though with players having to click the bowl in order to get the hamster to take a few seeds. For every time your hamster eats players will then receive a small amount of experience and PP (game currency). PP can also be gained by pressing the heart that appears above your hamster’s head every now and again.

As your primary currency PP is spent on upgrading the three available items in the cage; food bowl, house and wheel. While these start out basic (such as simply changing the colour) the later unlockable items are very well designed. Players can also upgrade their cage although there are only a few choices.


Mixing and matching these upgrades is the key to unlocking new hamsters which happens each time you level up. If players have the appropriate requirements (both items and levels) you’ll get a hamster evolution. For example if players have the blue bowl active when levelling up you’ll evolve into Afro Hamster while if you have the blue bowl and blue home you’ll unlock the Geisha Hamster.

AfroHamster is a fun small mobile title which is ideal to check on every few hours rather than consistently play.


  • Evolve your hamsters into 28 possibilities.
  • Customise your cage with hamster houses, food bowls and running wheels.
  • Grow and collect sunflowers to feed your hamsters appetite.
  • Get game currency (PP). for interacting with your hamster.
  • For iOS devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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