Alan Wake

  • Thrilling adventure with great story telling based on Alan Wakes unwritten novelg
  • Unique combat that requires players to leverage environmental and their own light sources to defeat the Taken
  • Some lumpy pacing elements as the game tries to fill your time between major moments with repetitive combat sequences

Alan Wake promises an interesting adventure filled with horror for players to combat across popular game platforms. With a small rural town setting as the backdrop for this adventure players will be fighting against a dark presence that stalks in the shadows while also fighting their own sanity to save their wife from the other worldly threat.


Alan Wake follows the story of well known thriller novelist Alan Wake as he goes on a vacation to the quiet town of Bright Falls in a hope to cure his writer’s block and in turn write his next successful novel. Joined by his wife things take a dramatic turn for the worse when his wife goes missing and Alan tries to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance in the town that is growing increasingly eerie. As the investigation grows more intense the player is haunted by plot events of a novel that Alan Wake has no memory of writing with your adventure split into 6 novel like episodes that each contain a cliff hanger.

Within this adventure hallucinations play a key role as players team up with other townsfolk at times to get to the bottom of the strange events seeping into the town. This process blends familiar action gameplay elements with psychological horror moments across the town of Bright Falls which packs in a diverse range of environments like a national park, farm and farm to explore. While there are some story sequences set during the daytime the majority of the horror comes through during the night time events where you’ll discover humans and objects that have been consumed by a strange darkness known as the Taken.


This consumed by darkness mechanic also ties into a core Alan Wake gameplay mechanic with players tasked with purification of these by utilising a light source from your handheld flashlight to environmental lighting. These light sources may include a street lamp, search lights and even vehicle headlights that also provide a safe haven for the player to regenerate health at an increased rate. Once vulnerable from being blasted with light players can utilise a traditional form of combat to defeat them such as your firearm, flare gun, shotgun or other weapons acquired along the way. To further enhance gameplay variety these Taken come in a number of different forms that impact speed, size, durability and even the strategies they use to fight against Alan Wake.

Light resource and survival elements are also present in Alan Wake with players balancing their ammunition resources and their reserve of batteries that provide you an option to boost your flashlight power to overcome particularly difficult foes although it does slowly regenerate the flashlight energy store as well.


While these resource based game mechanics encourage exploration players are also rewarded with manuscript extracts, coffee flasks and sound bites from the local Bright Falls radio station. While collectable focused some of these can provide players some insight into what they may face in the future while similarly building out the lore of the town and the current predicament Alan Wake finds himself in.


  • An interesting and unique adventure that follows the story of Alan Wake as he fights against the Taken that are consumed by darkness to find his wife.
  • Unique combat mechanics that emphasise the use of light sources to weaken the darkness shield before using traditional weapons.
  • Dark atmosphere that is full of intense moments and scares as you explore the city of Bright Falls and the surrounding environments.
  • Find the manuscripts to help you know what future challenges players may face.
  • Originally on Xbox 360 and Windows with a remaster version for other platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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