Albert and Otto

  • Wonderful aesthetic – Great range of powers
  • Some unforgiving physics puzzles

Opting to take players to the heart of a pre-World War II Germany for a puzzle platforming experience is Albert and Otto. Not only is it quite possibly the only game in this genre to adopt such a setting it’s also the one game to feature a magical bunny.


While this is where the uniqueness ends with fairly typical platform mechanics and a simple colour palette in a similar vein to Limbo Albert and Otto is a high quality offering and stands out nicely against the sea of puzzle indie titles that use minimal visuals.

Split across 4 different acts of several hours you’ll master the talents of both Albert and Otto for puzzle solving and even boss battles. This journey ties in closely with Albert’s sister Anna who is taken from the home by strange shadows. While sold as a rescue mission a number of clues and sequences with Anna suggest to something more sinister and hidden.

Much of the first act is spent exploring these from Albert’s standard jump and shoot mechanics to Otto’s expected strengths of fitting through small holes or standing on switches.


Additionally while powerful separately with Otto in hand Albert can levitate, control electric currents and double jump. Beyond the first act players will find the more complex puzzle sequences that have you combining multiple abilities in various ways and your available options will also expand.

Ultimately Albert and Otto is a title that will pull you in with its unique premise and aesthetic. But will keep you around with the mystery of the story and the design of puzzles that mostly fall squarely in the clever bucket rather than the frustrating one (bar a few physic orientated ones).


  • Dark and gloomy game world with a kidnapped sister.
  • Use Otto to enhance your skills or control him separately.
  • 4 different acts with growing darkness and puzzle complexity.
  • Evolving abilities that are used in multiple ways (including bosses).
  • Play on Windows and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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Written by
Samuel Franklin
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