Alpaca World

  • Great amount of variety with items and colours – Good battle system
  • Needs a random name button – Little too much grinding for levels

Catch all the coloured Alpacas, battle them and dress them in Alpaca World, a title for your iOS and Android mobile devices that takes a Pokemon like formula but adds a wealth of cuteness.


As a new owner of an alpaca farm it’s time to fill it with all sorts of cute alpacas from your adventures that come in 127 colours. Starting with a single alpaca your objective is to find and capture them all for your colour dex.

Taking your first alpaca players will adventure out into the wild where you’ll encounter other alpacas in the wild grass. When this happens the battle screen will appear where players can either battle for experience or attempt to capture the alpaca to add them to your team.

Battles are typical turn based affairs with the faster alpaca taking the first move, every alpaca has the same four moves; tackle, m-bullet, meteor and mega impact. While tackle and m-bullet can be used an unlimited number of times meteor and mega impact are limited to 5 uses each before needing to be restored.

Wild alpacas are captured with ropes which also show the percentage chance of capture which varies based on the quality of rope and the health of your intended target. Once captured they’ll appear on your farm where they will also provide you a consistent income of alpaca wool which is the main way to earn money for items, accessories and farm upgrades.


Accessories is where the cuteness factor of Alpaca World is introduced with items to dress up your alpaca with head, face, neck, back, foot and orbit accessories. Additionally the farm upgrades let you collect more wool, house more alpacas or increase health recovery rates.

Alpaca World is a fun game to play from time to time as you build up a collection of alpacas and harvest their wool to trade for items. Those that appreciate games like Pokemon will enjoy the hunt for every colour while those that are in it for the cuteness factor will love to find the rarer accessories in the wild to make cute alpaca snaps.


  • Hunt for different colour alpacas and dress them up with accessories.
  • Fill up your colour dex with all 127 colours.
  • Battle against wild alpacas for items and experience.
  • Use ropes to capture wild alpacas for your farm.
  • Breed alpacas together for even more combinations.



Review Platform: iOS

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