Always Remember Me

  • 9 unique endings – Great interface – Plenty of activities to perform
  • Some repetition

Always Remember Me is a dating simulation game available on multiple platforms and was released by Winter Wolves in May 2011. The game is available as a paid version for PC, Mac and Linux with a free to play iOS and Android version (purchase required to unlock the full game).


Winter Wolves is well known in the dating simulation genre and they again offer a great experience with Always Remember Me that fans of the genre will quickly fall in love with.

The game is packed full of content including different endings (9 in total), a deep relationship system that directly changes gameplay, a huge number of stats that you can train to create your perfect character, a wonderful soundtrack and a detailed simulation engine that gives the game a realistic feel.

In Always Remember Me players will assume the role of Amy. Amy used to date Aaron before a car accident took away any memory he had of her. It is your job to help him regain his memories and continue your life with Aaron like it was before the accident. Alternatively, players can choose to pursue three other love interests instead of Aaron.

Who you pursue as Amy is completely up to you, you are in complete control of Amy’s destiny. Your adventure as Amy can come to an end in 9 different ways, two for each love interest and the worst ending possible, where you end up alone.


Always Remember Me lets you control the day to day activities of Amy and there are plenty of different things to do which changes based on the day and time to make the game world feel more realistic. Each of these activities serves some sort of purpose be it developing a relationship further or boosting your stats to unlock new possibilities within the game.

Everything in the Always Remember Me game world is a pleasure to experience and definitely makes it stand above the competition in the otome scene. While the price might turn some away if you love to replay your dating games it’s well worth the investment.


  • 9 different endings.
  • Plenty of choice.
  • Amazing visuals and soundtrack to backup a great story.
  • Demo available so you can try before you buy.
  • Stats, stats and more stats to create your perfect Amy.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Ok so they use my last name in this game. Not gonna say what it is but it starts with R. As well as both of my brother’s names. (Eddy and Aaron) IT WAS SO CRAZY I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!


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