American Pizzeria

  • Great mix of cooking mechanics to master
  • Huge number of levels and upgrades offers plenty of content
  • Ad heavy experience breaks up the gameplay
  • Small pool of energy makes long play sessions impossible

Stepping away from other foods and focusing solely on the delicious pizza, American Pizzeria is a mobile title all about making the perfect pie for your hungry customers as they rush in for a tasty treat. From New York to Chicago and Boston your iOS device will take you to these locations to cook up a pizza storm as you master a range of cooking mechanics in the process.


Each of these locations in American Pizzeria have between 40 and 50 levels where you’ll be challenged to earn 3 full stars for your cooking efforts. Additionally you’ll have particular objectives such as earning a certain number of coins and serving a number of customers to keep you challenged across all levels. If you’re unable to achieve these level requirements then you’ll have the option to repeat the level although you’ll lose one of your five energy bars to do so.

To lend a helping hand in the early levels you’ll have Luigi (an old friend of your grandparents) show you the basics to cooking a tasty pizza before you’re forced to manage the restaurant by yourself. Just like a real pizza you’ll start with the base, thrown on some sauce, top it with cheese and place the desired toppings before placing it into the hot oven.


In order to complete these components American Pizzeria uses a mixture of tap controls, drag and drop and careful timing. Timing is the most profitable mechanic to master with cooking your pizza to the exact temperature ensuring the biggest tips from your customers while a burnt pizza will see your profits dwindle. While in the oven the pizza will progress from frozen, to average, perfect and overcooked requiring you to take out the pizza with single tap while it sits in the perfect range.

While this is easy to achieve with only a single pizza in the oven and one customer is quickly becomes complex as you balance multiple orders and up to three pizzas in the ovens at once. This is further complicated by the limited amount of stock that you can keep on the counter which requires a short timeframe of restocking before you can continue cooking up a storm.


All of these mechanics overall feel comparable to other cooking games on mobile with your pizzas also eventually expanding to other Italian cuisine. This expansion of dishes is never too overwhelming though as if you’re ever stuck for the recipe players need only click on the customers order in front of them which will reveal the steps required.

Outside of levels you’ll have plenty of things to spend your hard earned tips on with improved ingredients, bonuses to tips, new bases, stronger ovens and plenty more which ultimately make the level objectives just a touch easier. These upgrades also have the secondary effect of providing much needed goals this will keep you moving forward through the various locations and levels.


  • Pizza based cooking game for iOS.
  • Mix ingredients and bake them for the perfect amount of time for an extra tip.
  • Watch your stock levels and restock as necessary with a single tap.
  • Upgrade your ingredients, oven and much more with your hard earned tips.
  • Conquer 4 locations with over 150 total levels with 3 star ratings and individual objectives for each.


Review Platform: iOS

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