Anime Studio Story

  • Control over each anime
  • Very similar to other Kairosoft games – Feels a little empty

Choose the direction that you’re small time anime studio takes in Kairosoft’s Anime Studio Story management game. Joining a larger list of games in this genre from their development team this game follows the typical formula but changes the skin to an Anime one.


Giving you control over every element within your studio your role is to handle the finances, staff, anime creation and other business elements. Starting with a small studio players will take a small anime office to a global powerhouse over 20 in game years, with each year offering new opportunities for genres, staff, contracting work and office location the game has a great progression treadmill.

Staff are pivotal to this success and one of the first game mechanics you’ll become accustomed to as they offer their own talents to your anime empire. Statistics such as drawing, writing, taste and sound are unique to each employee and directly effect the quality of the anime you’ll be able to produce. Players must also consider staff stamina, attitude and level which increases over time but along with their salary.

All of these staff elements feed right into the anime that you create with your first step on any new show being genre selection. Maybe you want the next big hit in the basketball or fishing niche or perhaps you’ll go for something more well-known like students, detectives or adventure.


Pairing this theme (or two) with a writing script, station to air it and a main character which level up in their own right and can make or break your show. All of these decisions require careful consideration if you’re to produce a high quality hit.

Anime Studio Story is another well made Kairosoft game, it borrows heavily from their other games though with only a few minor adjustments and somehow comes off as a title that has received the least love of their management games.


  • Lead your anime studio into the limelight.
  • Choose your themes, characters and more.
  • Release on your favourite station and watch the ratings roll in over the broadcast period.
  • Hire, fire and upgrade staff to produce better anime.
  • Purchase for Android devices.



Review Platform: Android

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