Anno 1701 (1701 A.D.)

  • Great economic and secret diplomacy paths which allows players to design their strategy
  • Building out your city follows a static pathway that feels more chore than decision points

Anno 1701 (1701 A.D.) mixes strategy and city building together to create an economical focused experience like the Anno titles before it. Part of the popular Anno franchise Anno 1701 offers a blend of familiar and new challenges for players to overcome on PC with a related spin-off title for the Nintendo DS known as Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery. Focused on the real world timeframe of the 18th century players are challenged to explore the recently discovered new world and colonise it by using all the strategic economic tools available.


With this setting as your foundation players will step in the elaborate structure of Anno 1701 that allows both the new players to the franchise and returning ones to find their challenge. At the heart of this challenge is the development of your own thriving colony as you grow your wealth through trade, diplomacy and military force by finding the most efficient processes. This challenge is delivered through the two game modes that provide both scenario specific objectives or an open ended continuous mode to push your settlement to new limits.

Beyond your choice of game mode players will find that Anno gameplay is similar to past releases in the franchise with the most notable change being the timeframe setting. From start to finish this gameplay loop sees players starting with their own unnamed country as they attempt to expand throughout the game world to their end scenario or self designed goal. Slowly as you advance and develop your civilisation the game mechanics open up to you with progress through the decades expanding technology and your choices in how you trade or combat rival settlements.


Central to this expanding technology is your citizens who will themselves advance through 5 different social stages that alter their needs but also increase the amount of taxes you can earn from them. Advancing from simple pioneers needing only food and their town centre as a hub of activity they will progress into aristocrats wanting plenty of luxuries including perfume, lamp oils and other high quality goods.

Managing your economy plays an important role during the early game stages of Anno to reach these later social stages with an emphasis on trading with the foreign cultures that are scattered throughout the game world. Each of these cultures has their own preferences for trading which requires careful management and consideration and ensures it can be exceedingly difficult to progress without their resources. As you do approach the later stages of the game you’ll find the combat pretty streamlined with a little room for war strategy at these later stages of progression when you can assert your dominance.


New features to Anno 1701 over previous games include trader quests, honoured guests, some level of tax control, natural disasters and a number of activities to assist you in controlling your enemies. This gives players the ability to utilise spies to collect information, demagogues to encourage workers to strike, scientists capable of unleashing plagues and other unique beyond the scene actions.


  • A new addition to the Anno franchise with an 18th century theme that encourages trade and in time military action.
  • Trade good with your neighbours based on their preferences to acquire special resources for your own progression.
  • Take your citizens through 5 social stages which increases their needs but also your tax income.
  • Utilise a range of secret diplomacy tasks that provide players ample choice in combating rivals.
  • Complete a range of scenario missions, special sub quests or grow endlessly across game modes.



Review Platform: PC

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