Anno 2070

  • Beautiful city building game that offers plenty of strategy along with it
  • Varied game modes allows players to design their own challenge experience
  • Excessive DRM limits your freedom to play (e.g. without internet connection)

Anno 2070 released in 2011 and is the fifth game in this growing franchise of economic management titles that tests your strategic decision making in a futuristic game setting. Like the other Anno games you’ll find a blended mixture of gameplay that borderlines the popular real time strategy genre and the planning of city building titles.


Taking place in the near future of 2070 global warming has taken hold and as a result melted ice caps that have unleashed a torrent of floods on coastal cities. In the flood wake now lies a range of islands from the high ground of decades past which is where human civilisation must rebuild and harvest for resources. With the old cities gone you’ll lead a mobile ocean bases known as the Arks across these islands to achieve your goal.

Players are not alone in their goal though with three factions vying for control in the post-apocalyptic flooded Earth. This includes the Global Trust (Tycoons), Eden Initiative (Ecos) and S.A.A.T. (Techs) who as their names suggest have specific playstyle preferences tied to their own ideologies. The tycoons for example enjoy expanding quickly with their industrious nature although this leaves them exposed to pollution and rapid usage of resources. In comparison the Ecos build in a sustainable manner but this results in a significantly slower expansion across the islands. Lastly the Techs serve as a supportive race to one of the other game factions and are specialist researchers that can unlock the highest levels of tech available but only once players provide them sufficient credits for the cause.


Anno 2070 splits gameplay content across several modes including a single player campaign known as The Virus which splits itself into several game chapters as you try to decrypt a data log that has succumb to a mysterious virus. Second to this is the single missions that serve as self contained scenarios with specific challenging objectives to chase and push your abilities. Lastly and potentially the largest amount of content depending on your tastes is the continuous game mode which is essentially a player sandbox. In this mode players set their own goals and alter the game world settings as they wish to allow for potentially endless variations.

With your game mode selected you’ll find that the gameplay loop of Anno 2070 revolves around exploration the body of water generated to locate islands to populate. When an island takes your interest players will be able to begin to build on it by placing a warehouse and building within its area of influence. Players also need to unlock many of the buildings in Anno 2070 before they can be built which may be based on your specific faction, research or a population level milestone.


Buildings themselves are fairly typical of the strategy genre with categories including production, military, energy, infrastructure and public that each have a role to play in your civilisation. Many of these tie closely to the game resources of credits, power, ecobalance, fertility and goods that all require careful management. Resources also play a key role in population management given the needs and desires of your residents and combat should players decide to go down this path given there is a wealth of diplomacy options available as an alternative.


  • Various game modes that allow you to experience different challenges in a futuristic flooded Earth.
  • Experience several game factions each with their own ideologies of how to survive in the post-flood world.
  • Balance gameplay between being strategic, diplomatic and planning your cities perfectly.
  • Huge array of mechanics to master with resources, population, production, diplomacy and combat.
  • The fifth game in the constantly expanding universe of the Anno franchise.



Review Platform: PC

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