Another World

  • Classic – Unforgiving puzzles that provide real challenge
  • Controls are a little slow on iOS and Android

Another World (or Out of This World in North America) was originally released in 1991 and is considered a classic in the platform and adventure genre providing lots of innovation in cinematic effects. Since this original release the game has been brought to countless other platforms as anniversary editions.


In the game players are Lester Knight Chaykin who is a very young and widely regarded physicist. You join Lester in his extremely high tech laboratory as he attempts to recreate the moment that the entire universe was created by using his own particle accelerator. However, just before he can finish the experiment the lab is struck by a powerful lightning strike which creates a portal of time and space that takes him to a distant alien planet.

It is on this alien planet that players encounter a variety of dangerous wildlife and are eventually captured by a human like species and placed in prison. With the help of an alien known only as Buddy the player escapes but staying out of the hands of your alien captives requires you to complete a wide range of puzzles.

Platform elements are at the core of Another World with players able to direct Lester’s movement, jumping and attacks. Players can also interact with the environment and objects that they come across during their adventure. For most of the game players are unarmed but eventually gain access to a laser pistol which helps to enhance puzzle variety. Neither the player or your ally Buddy can sustain any damage in each level otherwise you will be loaded at the previous checkpoint.


Another World is truly a classic in the genre and its innovation in a number of areas are often the indirect inspiration for many games that you play today. With the games available on both iOS and Android devices now there is little excuse not to grab this classic.


  • A classic in the genre.
  • Travel to a strange alien world and evade capture.
  • Solid platforming and puzzle elements.
  • Little guidance lets you get the full alien planet experience.
  • Available on all modern platforms and plenty of outdated ones.



Review Platform: PC

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