• Very unique – Challenges what you consider to be normal – Fairly lengthy
  • Can be frustratingly difficult

Antichamber is a first person puzzle game that will mess with the way you perceive video games and in order to succeed you’ll have to rid yourself of preconceived notions relating to games that you have played.


Antichamber takes place in a fairly simple game world which allows you to concentrate on the experience rather than being bogged down by textures. To beat the game you must acquire four different guns which are used in different ways.

In the game you’ll start in a single room which gives you information regarding the controls, a map that allows you to jump to places that you have been to previously and a countdown timer which starts with 90 minutes on it.

The game is a psychological adventure that challenges what you know about the first person genre. Players will have to take a step back, carefully examine the environment and solve the cryptic clues that the signs provide. As you do this for more puzzles the typical expectations of what you expect to happen will break down and be reshaped into something new.

In Antichamber the player will explore a number of non-Euclidean levels in a first person perspective. Players are limited to moving and jumping originally but eventually gain access to a strange gun which will again flip what you consider to be normal on its head.


Antichamber is all about the first playthrough so it’s recommended that you limit yourself to external exposure before playing the game for the best experience. This ensures you’ll get the full pleasure of discovery that comes with the game.

If you want a unique puzzle game that will test your brainpower and challenge you to think differently you can’t look past Antichamber.


  • A unique first person puzzle game.
  • Challenges your sense of normal.
  • Filled with life lessons and proverbs which tie into the puzzles.
  • Hours upon hours of puzzle solving.
  • Only for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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