APB Reloaded

  • Unique concept with a living realistic game world where your faction vs faction missions are set
  • Wealth of customisation across visual and game mechanic enhancing equipment to provide progression
  • Lacks significant tutorial or new player content that results in a hard introduction
  • Has not been able to avoid or stay on top of in game cheaters that can sour some of your experiences

Seeking to blend the popular gameplay from open world adventures like Grand Theft Auto with MMO mechanics is APB Reloaded. Released in 2010 as a paid title for Windows the game later went free to play (2015) and launched on console platforms. Exploring the endless conflict of the Enforcer and Criminal factions players will join one of these factions as they carry out missions across the map that put them in direct conflict with the other faction.


In APB Reloaded players explore the city of San Paro which is under the constant threat of crime and criminals establishing a foothold in a number of key districts. With the persistent MMO game world design players are free to explore all of these  locations and claim a small bit of territory for their faction by accepting their next mission.

This open world freedom seeks to capture the high scale of games like Grand Theft Auto with players able to hijack cars, mug bystanders and attack anyone they want as a criminal which draws the attention of the law. To further build the realism of this world you’ll find a dynamic day and night cycle along with AI pedestrians that provide a sense of the general population going about their normal day.


For players that don’t side with the criminal faction you’ll instead be an Enforcer that plays the role of the police and seeks to stop the rampant criminals of the city that are a mixture of NPC and other players. Quests are of course appropriately themed to your faction and as a Criminal you’ll focus on accepting direct missions where your achieve dirty deeds for extra cash.

While the Enforcers also have a decent number of missions available to them their gameplay is more about catching the Criminals in the act and placing them under arrest so your missions are focused towards countering criminal activity that players initiate. A basic example of this may be a group of criminal players sent to rob a nearby location while a call goes out to enforcer players in the area that there is a robbery in action with the option to secure them or eliminate them if required.


Like any traditional MMO all of these mission actions help to progress your account and in APB Reloaded this means new vehicles, weapons or visual character customisation which unlock options for higher tier mission challenges. Purchased from vending machine locations or contacts in the city you’ll have to visit specified districts that split PvE, PvP and social into special areas. Not only does this still allow a sense of community to develop but also ensures players know when to expect PvP encounters and thus tailor your experience to your preferences.

Throughout your progression players will also be earning notoriety or prestige levels, which goes up as players perform actions on behalf of their faction. This number goes down overtime with no activity or if you go against your faction goals. Serving as an indicator of your recent success this 0 to 5 scale encourages players to represent their faction successful or for the other faction to hunt you down.


  • A Grand Theft Auto inspired MMO experience that pits two factions against each other.
  • Design your own unique character and customise them with a range of visual and gameplay enhancing equipment.
  • Explore the living city full of pedestrian AI that are going about their own business.
  • Fight for your own faction as you complete faction specific missions across PvE and PvP content.
  • Free to play on PC and console platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. It was nice while it was a paid game but since it became F2P and creating accounts is quick and easy. It’s become rampant with aim botters and wall hacks. I’m not saying that as a salty player who lost a match. I stopped playing a long time ago.

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