• Large range of fish to collect with each level up as you acquire game currency
  • Multiple aquariums to customise gives players the ability to juggle different designs
  • Low difficulty to bar can make the levels feel repetitive despite their varied designs

Aquascapes combines the popular Gardenscapes gameplay popularised in recent years with an aquarium setting with the challenge on players to develop it into the ultimate water space. Designed for those that want something to play after your Gardenscapes adventure this fish focused game has proven just as popular as its garden based cousin although not as broadly available.


Available only on Windows Aquascapes is a hidden object focused title that centres around over a dozen fish types and 70 varied levels that will challenge you in different ways. Your objective in this water themed title is to create the ultimate aquarium both in terms of decorations, background and fish species. This visual transformation is not only a benchmark for your progression through the hidden puzzle challenges but also provides a beautiful aquarium for players to observe in between levels and means that Aquascapes is often much more interesting than a static garden.

Purchasing fish is the most important customisation element of your three options though with a diverse range of species to place from the common goldfish to orange spotted fish and other colourful fish creations from well known and lesser known breeds. Each of these also finds a home in your Fishopedia that is accessed from the main game menu and serves as a collection tracker. The limiting factor in purchasing these fish from the store menu is both your available funds and experience gained which both ensure you’ll be working at hard at improving both in order to create your dream setup.


Decorations are purchased through a similar fashion and most are paired with a simple animation which can attract fish to investigate them further to add some interactivity to your aquarium. All of the potential decorations to unlock are uniquely creative and are often small figurines that will sit at the bottom of your tank to add significant character. With each level unlocking multiple items across decorations and fish it’s always enjoyable to see what you are rewarded with for your efforts.

Standing in your way of all the pretty fish and decorations are the hidden object stages where you’ll make your money and experience though. These are simple enough to complete and function like any other hidden object title with a list of items for you to search for in the water themed levels. Displayed at the base of the screen these objects will call for you to find familiar real world items like bananas, toy carts, rings, pickaxes, megaphones, life preservers and other everyday objects. From time to time players will also be provided a hint without naming the actual item such as “angels have them” that could mean wings or a halo and is for players to discover which item it might be referring to within the scene.


Alongside these core objectives occasionally players will find additional challenge through bonus levels that might require you to obtain every single golden item on a treasure themed level. While the gameplay never moves beyond this formula you’ll still get a great sense of progressions through experience levels and the likes of multiple aquariums to keep your projects separate.


  • Gardenscapes inspired adventure with a water theme.
  • Purchase fish and decorations to customise your own aquariums with multiple available.
  • Water themed hidden object levels that take you to a deep sea area, sunken pirate ship and countless others.
  • Find everyday objects, item hints and special items across 70 different game levels.
  • Available on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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