• Unique shadowy setting and story that allows players to craft their own shadow style
  • Fantastic co-op experience that allows you to tackle the shadow adventure with friends
  • AI lacks difficulty with players able to reproduce the same process each level with little variation
  • Some recurring problems that aren't addressed can sour your experience if you are unlucky enough to have issues

Master lurking in the shadows with Aragami an action adventure title with stealth as the core gameplay. Available across all major platforms this ninja inspired experience allows players to fight as the Aragami, an assassin of great power that also wields unnatural abilities in order to achieve their goals.


Summoned into existence by Yamiko, a girl who has been captured by Kaiho who are masters of utilising the powers of light. These masters of the light are also the conquerors of the land which the game takes place from the Nisshoku who consider themselves aligned with the powers of shadow. Seeking out the powers of shadow now through the Aragami players step into the role in order to rescue Yamiko and the Shadow Empress from the Nisshoku’s main temple that is now surrounded by the power of the light.

As players are summoned from the powers of shadow you are given only a single night to do achieve this quest though before the light touches them and dissolves you forever. In order to complete your quest you’ll need to find and obtain six talismans to unlock the prison in which Yamiko now resides that are scattered around the area. Each of these talisman also reveals more of the game story as players see strange memories upon their collection which revolve around the 5 main characters.


Playing as Aragami grants a number of benefits as players trek through the 13 chapters of the game world that take you from the basics of an Aragami and the call of the shadows to the final ascension. Each such chapter requires players to achieve a particular objective be it the collection of a particular item, destruction of an obstacle or simply reaching a certain location in order to progress. To assist you in achieving these goals your fundamental mechanic in Aragami is the ability to teleport instantly to another shadowy location at the cost of Shadow Essence which slowly regenerates while in the shadows and rapidly drained when near any sources of light.

Further mechanics are slowly unlocked as players locate scrolls around the game world and rely on the same energy system for the most part. While there are enough of these scrolls to unlock all your abilities in time which encourages replaying levels to find them all players will still need to invest early scroll points into either a lethal or non-lethal playstyle for maximum efficiency.


These other abilities are split between defensive and offensive techniques that allow you to summon a decay, engage invisibility, blind enemies and various shadow attacks to dispatch enemy guards along each level. Ultimately it is the combination of all of these abilities that will allow you to to overcome the guards that stand in your way which range from basic swordfighters to archers and more powerful forms that require alternative strategies to mitigate.


  • Take on the role of shadow assassin known as an Aragami as you are summoned to save Yamiko from the powers of light across 13 chapters.
  • A mysterious storyline that slowly reveals the truths of light and shadow and your own origins.
  • Fight off all sorts of enemies of the light as you conquer each level with your dark shadowy powers.
  • Choose your playstyle from master deadly assassin to stealthy ghost or a mixture of both.
  • Available across all major video game platforms.



Review Platform: PS4

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