Astro Empires

  • Lots of depth to explore across research, structures and ships to optimise your empire as you wish
  • Like other long lasting games can be difficult for new players if they don't meet the right helpful players

Explore beyond the skies and create your own universe scale empire in Astro Empires, a simple browser based game full of depth for those that are willing to put time and effort into the space themed adventure. Like the other browser based MMOs on the market Astro Empires appeals to a particular niche of gamer that values having a browser accessible title, enjoys planning many days ahead and wants to check in on their galaxy from time to time to guide the next stage of progression.


Played from your browser anywhere in the world the Astro Empires universe runs in real time whether or not you are personally logged in. Astro Empires constantly has multiple servers running at a time with new servers proving to be the most exciting as players race to gain an early foothold and can also serve as a reasonable opportunity for new players to start on equal footing. Each server varies in size but generally attracts several thousand players with often over a thousand players online at a single time which speaks for itself given Astro Empires was released back in 2006.

This is where new players will want to focus their attention in particular as newer servers are less over run with veterans or players that have already had significant time to build up their bases and fleets. That being said the experience these players hold will still prove challenging but at least they won’t be flying past your small shuttle with their large carrier on day one. Despite the large number of veterans though it isn’t difficult to jump into the community as a new player regardless of server with plenty of guilds happy to take you under their wing and boost their guild presence in the process.


As a space themed game the core of your Astro Empires adventure is planets known as ‘Astros’ that each offer their own pros and cons to colonisation. From the Earthly archetype that are perfect for research bases to the Rocky that are thriving in high metals for production and Magma for your jumpgates you’ll pick and choose planets that you encounter across a dozen or so types.

These planets are more than just a place to call home and mine for resources though in Astro Empires with many of them being key to technology resource that will help your empire or specific bases. With research into energy, computer, armour, lasers, missiles, stellar drive, plasma, warp drive, shielding, ion, photon, AI, disrupter, cybernetics and tachyon communications your options are deep. With each having different research lab level requirements, energy and other perquisite technology planning through this technology tree efficiently is almost a mini game itself.


Of course this research system ties closely into the structure building requirements on planets and the spaceships you’ll need to connect your planet network together. Claiming planets and building thriving bases on them from structures across core, energy, economic, production and special you’ll then reuse these resources in an efficient way to build entire fleets of ships and jump to the next island.

As a space themed game you’ll of course find an abundance of diverse ships that each have advantages and disadvantages to consider. Be it the basic fighter unit, the large carrier or the strategic bomber each has their own role in your fleet while being paired with a unique visual design.


  • Space based strategy MMO playable with your browser.
  • Colonise a range of different planet ‘Astros’ with their own unique uses for your galactic empire.
  • Develop your planets with a large set of structures that each contribute to your progression.
  • Choose from dozens of ship variants with their own advantages and disadvantages to balance.
  • Free to play MMO strategy title online since 2006.



Review Platform: Browser

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  1. lol i wonder how many Cybertopia employees and bribed AE players upvoted this. game is awful run by a team of idiots and a horrible, toxic player community

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