Aura Kingdom

  • Graphics – Character customisation – Eidolons system
  • Needs a few more visual character options

Aura Kingdom is one of the newer MMOs to be released on the market. Using an anime style the game blends action and traditional combat together to create a very fluid approach to gameplay.


Starting its closed beta in December 2013 and transitioning into open beta a month later Aura Kingdom is still a baby in comparison to other MMOs but with Aeria Games behind it you know this is a game that is going to solidify itself as one of the top games in the genre.

With 9 different classes all the standard archetypes are available so all MMO players will find their favourite class represented. While there is little attempt to move these classes away from what is the norm in the MMO space they are all really well-designed and all very feel impactful on the battlefield.

Customising this character has a good amount of depth with no gender locking and plenty of options to create a look that you’re going to enjoy for the rest of your adventure. The high quality anime graphics definitely help in this department and bring your character to life.

Growing your character is more in depth than most MMOs with a unique take on the skill tree. Instead of a tree players will start in the centre of a web of skills (something that Path of Exile has made popular). Starting from this central point players can branch out as they see fit gaining active and passive skills that suit their playstyle. This system allows more than a small handful of class builds to thrive and creates a much more enjoyable skill selection experience.


The best part of Aura Kingdom though is the Eidolons which act as advanced pets. In addition to fighting alongside you players can send them on errands and even use them as mounts. They’ll grow separately from your own character and because this system has a good amount of depth it creates more class options as you mix and match Eidolons with your own skill setup.

If you prefer your MMOs to be anime themed or want something with a little more action to its combat then the depth of Aura Kingdom makes it one of the best options around.


  • Blend of action and traditional combat.
  • Impressive visuals bring the game world to life.
  • Plenty of class customisation lets you craft a character for your tastes.
  • Eidolons system adds more depth.
  • A Game that will no doubt rise to the peak of the genre.



Review Platform: PC

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