• 10 chapters of content with the added time challenge that adds an extra twist
  • Atmospheric soundtrack keeps you within the magical world of Azada puzzle challenges
  • Puzzle difficulty fluctuates significantly from start to finish that makes a lumpy challenge
  • Nintendo 3DS port doesn't compare to the computer version with difficult to use controls on some puzzles

Azada is a casual adventure game with puzzle elements that has some Myst like elements to its core gameplay for players to uncover through exploration. Serving as the first in a franchise of puzzle titles this first game has resulted in a number of sequels titled Azada: Elementa, Azada: Ancient Magic and Azada: In Libro respectively which all offer similar gameplay within the same general game world. Originally launched for Windows and Mac this first Azada release was later expanded to mobile platforms and a port to the Nintendo 3DS allowing handheld device gamers to also partake in the puzzle experience.


In the first game in the Azada series players will find themselves attempting to free a hopeless traveller (known as Titus) from a magical book which has trapped them within its pages. Having spent years in this trapped state Titus is obviously keen to escape and during your adventure you’ll learn more about how he came to be stuck in this position. With the magical book imparting some magical abilities on Titus he was able to transport players into his private study to assist them with the extraction process.

Soon after arriving your task in Azada becomes clear with the only path of release relying on players solving a series of ancient puzzles of Azada with additional story or lore revealed with each successful puzzle completion. These puzzle game mechanics in Azada and the broader series of Azada games clearly draws inspiration from the classics of the genre (such as Myst) with a varied set of puzzle challenges to resolve. This puzzle completing gameplay is paired with nearly two dozen mini games to provide some variety and give your brain a break from the core complex and intense puzzles featured in the story.


In total you’ll find over 40 unique puzzles in Azada including nearly half a dozen master level puzzles that serve as pinnacles of puzzle mechanics you have previously conquered. In total there are ten Azada chapters with their own themes to overcome that require a specific set of actions to be completed before moving on. A recurring theme of these puzzle chapters is the collection of the necessary hidden objects from around the room that are generally unlocked through specific puzzles.

Part of the Azada difficulty curve is that players have a time limit on each of these 10 stages with failure at puzzles, object interaction or using a hint reducing your available time. Should this time limit runout you’ll have to repeat each puzzle from the start for that stage. While it sounds harsh the general puzzle theme is on the easier side of the genre with experienced fans having no trouble swinging into the game routine.


Overall Azada is a good foundation for the broader franchise with plenty of content and puzzle variation to be an enjoyable game as you find matches, decipher shadows and complete various logical challenges.


  • The first of several Azada games in a series of puzzle titles.
  • Play on your computer, mobile or Nintendo 3DS device.
  • Plenty of puzzles to complete across the 10 game chapters with each having a time limited object based secret to resolve.
  • A magical themed adventure as you free Titus from his magical book prison.
  • A mixture of core puzzle gameplay and other mini-games for a diverse puzzle experience.



Review Platform: PC

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