Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game

  • Graphics – Large list of levels – Variety of desserts
  • Large energy costs to play each level and low maximum energy

Dishing up complex cake recipes is what you’ll experience in Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game a delicious title for mobile and also available through Facebook. Follow the mission of Sugar as she attempts to restore sweetness across the world, one sweet tasting recipe at a time.


Wasting no time to bring players into the game Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game opens right in Sugar’s store with a customer requesting for a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting. In order to do so you’ll need to grab a round cake pan and your strawberry cake batter and throw them in the oven before finishing it off with your chocolate frosting and handing it to the customer.

This is the base recipe of Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game with players meeting the requests of customers in a timely manner to advance through hundreds of challenging levels across 14 delicious locations such as Lemonshire Orchard, Swiss Choclate Alps and Eclair Academy. Along the way you’ll rekindle with your Great-Aunt Fondant who always has words of encouragement and help for the budding dessert star, Sugar.

Further depth is added through different size cakes such as the square, different cake types, frosting and toppings which can led to chaos in the kitchen when you have a few requests on the go for very different desserts.


If you don’t make mistakes you’ll be rewarded with a healthy dose of coins for your efforts (along with stars and crystals for each level completion) which players can reinvest into better ingredients, more powerful equipment and even level specific boosts to conquer those tricky levels. Better ingredients help you earn more coins while equipment stops cake spoiling as fast and complete the task faster.

With 300 levels on offer in Bakery Blitz: Cooking Game and most items having up to 7 different levels of upgrades you’ll never feel like you’ve done it all and you’ll always want to play that one more level.


  • Spread desserts to the world.
  • 300 levels across 14 yummy locations.
  • Upgrade ingredients and your equipment.
  • Different cake shapes, flavours, frosting and toppings to mix.
  • Available on mobile devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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