• Graphics – Price – Realistic medieval feel
  • Lack of goals and direction

Banished is one of the latest additions to the city building genre (launching in early 2014) and takes it into a unique medieval setting. Unlike other games where you have an abundance of resources you’ll find yourself focusing on balancing your scarce supplies to try and thrive.


The game starts you off with your own community of outcasts who have come together and decided to start their own settlement. Banished randomly generates a new world each time so it’s always challenging and fresh. With the map seed option it’s also easy to share your favourites with friends and other fans of the game.

Other settings that you have control over in the game include terrain type, size, climate, disasters and the starting condition of your settlement. By mixing and matching these together it’s easy to create something casual and fun or difficult for the hardcore city building fan.

Starting out in the game you’ll have minimal resources (depending on your settings) and slowly start thriving in what are generally harsh environments. Because of the medieval setting all the resources and mechanics are based on the era with wood and stone being your main construction resources while food comes from predominately through farming and fishing.

As you clear land you’ll be able to create houses, farms and other buildings while assigning your villagers to these structures (which will then become their job). With nearly two dozen jobs for your townsfolk there is a lot to manage so you always have something to do. You’ll also have to pay attention to the world around you (most notably the weather) and plan accordingly if you are to survive over the long term.


Ultimately your goal is to keep your population happy and improve their lives, a journey that is full of challenges and promises lots of replay value. The graphics really bring this adventure to life and it’s easy to get immersed in the game as you build up your dream settlement.

Banished appeals to all types of city building fans, if you want to build a breathtaking settlement then you can do that but there is still plenty of management and strategy for fans of those elements as well.


  • Medieval city building.
  • Easy to learn controls that give you great flexibility in design.
  • 20 jobs to assign to villagers.
  • Randomised maps and seeds let you customise each game.
  • Impressive graphics and weather system bring the game to life.



Review Platform: PC

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