Barn Yarn

  • Over 3,000 hidden objects to locate and sell to customers to fund your barn repairs
  • Good barn customisation with a strong pool of 60 unique items that are unlocked at a steady pace
  • Lacks the diversity of similar games given it is 100% hidden object rather than a mixture of puzzle types
  • Time management and simulation elements are limited and could have offered more

Offering a similar gameplay experience to Gardenscapes is Barn Yarn, a title from the same developer that blends hidden object hunts with time management and simulation into a single barn yard adventure. Available for both Windows and Mac with a trial available on both platforms it’s an opportunity to step into the farmyard lifestyle without having to commit to a game purchase upfront.


Playing as Tom and Joe as they repair an old barn they recently acquired from their neighbour your objective is to prepare for the upcoming winter which involves plenty of fixing up the old place. Primarily you’ll be repairing the old barn to serve as a home for the many animals and transforming it into a cosy barn for all your farm yard friends.

In order to acquire the funds your job is to sell old items found around your house and the farm area with over 3,000 to find within the hidden object mini games. This sees players using their keen eyes while engaging in hidden object scene after hidden object scene to extract items from the house for sale and in turn coins. To add something additional to the hidden object game formula Barn Yarn links this with customer requests for particular goods with quick finding rewarding players with extra coins and accordingly slowness will see your income dwindle and the farm refurbishment suffer.


Bonus coins and special power ups are also hidden around rooms for the super diligent hunter to ensure you’ll feel adequately rewarded for being diligent in your item hunts. Abilities include the likes of magnets that guide you to items on your list, lights that can illuminate items and butterflies for single item assistance. These can come in handy as the level of difficultly ramps up as you progress through the game and the occasional odd item that just seems to not be anywhere on the screen.

All of this money earned is then translated right into items for the barn with a total of 60 décor items for players to purchase as they see fit. Every few levels you’ll also earn a cutscene that builds on the basic storyline of Barn Yarn and features Tom and Joe primarily.


If the hidden object niche has always attracted you then Barn Yarn is a premium option through the solid gameplay which blends in perfectly with the progression based barn upgrades.


  • Build up a suitable barn for your animals through a variety of repairs.
  • Strong hidden object gameplay that has you filling orders from people for bonus coins.
  • Enjoy numerous cut scenes that build on the story of Tom and Joe.
  • Find bonus coins and special power ups with diligent searching.
  • For Windows and Mac with a trial version available.



Review Platform: PC

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