Batman: Arkham City

  • Large open world with an impressive array of core and side mission variety
  • Improved freeflow combat ensure each fight feels impactful and challenging
  • Nonsensical later half of the plot results in the story unravelling quickly
  • Excessive number of Riddler trophies to collect will pain completionist gamers

Batman: Arkham City takes place in the Batman universe and was released in 2011 for Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a remastered version for the next generation of consoles released 5 years later. The game blends fast paced action with an impressive Batman themed storyline and an open world environment while also serving as the second title released in the Arkham trilogy.


The game takes place approximately a year after the first game released in the story arc (Batman Arkham Asylum) which results in an adventure that builds on both the story and mechanics of this original. Featuring many returning characters and of course Batman himself you’ll find the game focuses around Arkham City which was once a city slum district now turned into wide reaching prison and asylum.

As the plot develops players will find themselves as a prisoner in Arkham City and attempting to find a cure to the mutations caused by the Titan formula after being infected by the Joker. From here players encounter plenty of twists and turns along their journey to save themselves and the people of Gotham broadly from the threat that Arkham City poses should it flow over to the general population. As one would have come to expect from the high quality of the first adventure every part of the game world in Arkham City offers an enjoyable experience from the well-written narrative to the character design and even just the game areas that players will explore.


Between this exploration you’ll find a quality open world and action adventure blend of both combat and stealth sequences to progress through the game story. Controlling Batman from a third person perspective you’ll freely move throughout the boundaries of the Arkham City which itself is split into various districts with similar but distinct themes. While this can be by foot players can also utilise their available gadgets or cap to improve their speed of movement at the cost of some stealth. A useful mechanic to help this exploration and used as a plot device is Batman’s detective vision that highlights items of note that can be interacted with and ties in closely to the various game puzzles based on finding crime like clues.

When combat is required you’ll find the freeflow combat mechanics significantly improved to ensure you feel like the real Batman as you dodge and counter attacks while also integrating your gadgets in attacks. Each enemy is visually and mechanically different with weapons raging from your simple baseball bat to stun batons to firearm which along with different tiers of armour makes each combat encounter slightly different with different optimal techniques.


For your success in combat and other game mechanics you’ll earn experience for batman that allows you to customise an upgrade path to your core skills and gadgets that further optimise your favourite playstyle. These gadgets include returning and new options with the likes of a freeze blast, cryptographic sequencer, remote hacking device, line launcher, Batarang and everything in between.


  • Great continuation of the Batman Arkham story arc with returning and fresh mechanics.
  • Open world, action, stealth and even RPG elements bundled into the Batman universe.
  • Impressive game setting and story with plenty of core and side content to conquer.
  • Utilise gadgets and raw power as you level up both during the course of your adventure to suit your preferred playstyle blend.
  • Originally on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 with a remastered version for the next generation of consoles.



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