Battle of Beasts

  • Interesting and unique genre mix offers something alongside a lengthy campaign of content
  • Plenty of depth for those that want to dig deeper into the mechanics but also accessible for that want to take a high level approach
  • Limited number of builds hurts variety in the city management side of the game and is a missed opportunity is this genre blend

Battle of Beasts attempts to create a unique combination as it mixes monster battling with city building as players design their own mythical realm and recruit monsters to battle it out in the campaign portion of the game or against other players. It’s a genre mix that has been attempted sparsely outside of a few mobile based games on the now shutdown ComPet leaving Battle of Beasts without significant competition.


Like other Upjers games Battle of Beasts was designed as a browser experience (now only available on Windows and Linux through Upjers Home) and one of the more engaging titles to come from the studio in terms of gameplay depth and mechanics. In addition it also includes an eerie themed soundtrack, a range of appropriate sound effects and reasonably diverse graphics to bring your gruesome recruited creatures to life.

The foundation of your Battle of Beasts campaign is the building component of the game where players create habitats to recruit creatures. Starting with a simple imp as your first creature and a farm to generate food players will unlock all manner of strange dark creatures. All the while managing your supporting buildings such as farms to provide resources to keep your creatures in fighting shape and assist in level ups.


The creatures that you can hire and the buildings available to you quickly expand as your account levels up to eventually include various economic buildings like the mill and bakery while more powerful creatures also become available such as the wasp and scorpion become available to join your growing evil forces.

Each of these creatures is very unique having their own habitat requirements, stats and special attacks and preferred meal which gives Battle of Beasts a significant and ongoing management side to gameplay. This requires carefully balancing as you create a strong team of fighters while also satisfying their needs in your settlement in order to keep using them in battle effectively.


Much of this combat with your team of creatures takes place during the campaign mode which slowly puts you against more powerful enemies (in terms of level and numbers) with battles ranging from 1v1 to 3v3 encounters. Combat itself is turned based similar to the Pokémon franchise with players giving commands to their creatures to either use a basic attack or their special move on one of the opposing creatures. While there is some tactics at play here in that very poor strategies can lead to a defeat it is rare that a perfect strategy can overcome significant level disadvantage.

The interesting blend of creature combat and realm building elements turn out to be an addicting mix in Battle of Beasts. Upjers has also done a great job of avoiding the usual pitfalls of these games with a surprising amount of depth for those that want to dig beyond the surface of gameplay and very minimal wait times across the board.


  • Create a team of creatures and complete a lengthy campaign of battle content.
  • Manage your realm resources and build habitats for your creatures to cater for their requirements.
  • Battle in team based combat that gives you strategic control over attacks.
  • Unique creatures with their own requirements, special skills and stats to manage and mix in your combat team
  • Play for free on Windows or Linux with Upjers Home



Review Platform: PC

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