• Beautiful and over the top action – Perfect for button mashers and careful fighters
  • Ridiculous and sometimes stupid nature of the game isn't for everyone

Be bewitched In Bayonetta an intense and very over the top fantasy adventure where you’ll fight angels with insane combos. Originally released in 2010 and re-released on the Wii-U in 2014 this is a must own for action addicts.


In this third person beat’em up style of gameplay you’ll be playing as Bayonetta, a witch that uses a mixture of firearms, weapons and magic to fight against angelic enemies while uncovering her own history after waking up from a 500 year sleep.

The over top nature of the game is present everywhere from the combat to the storyline, environments and character designs. The most notable of these elements though is the often brutal and unique execution attacks that Bayonetta summons to deal ultimate damage to foes. From summoning a massive guillotine to kicking your enemies into an iron maiden they are all very creative and completely insane.

Bayonetta is a very combo orientated experience but manages to ensure that all players on the button masher spectrum are looked after. If you want to button mash your way through enemies using simply combos you won’t run into too many issues. On the other hand if you have a keen interest in mastering the more difficult combos you’ll be rewarded with faster level clear times and better scores.

Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum one thing you’ll need to master in Bayonetta is the dodge mechanic which lets you slow down time for successful dodges to unload on your enemies with attacks without retaliation.


Other features of Bayonetta include unlockable animal transformations, item crafting and a fairly deep currency system that lets you turn the halos that enemies drop into new items, techniques or weapon upgrades.

No game is more over the top than Bayonetta, while its over the top nature might be too wild for some the wealth of features in this game make it a must experience for fans of the action-adventure/beat’em up genre.


  • Extremely over the top action.
  • Unlock, craft and upgrade a range of weapons.
  • Transform into animals for extra battle prowess.
  • Use deadly and terrifying torture based finishing moves.
  • Simple and advanced combos make the game accessible to everyone.



Review Platform: PS3

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