Beastie Bay

  • Unique blend of traditional game mechanics that results in a diverse range of content and activities
  • Controls prove difficult on smaller devices that can make achieving your vision time draining

Beastie Bay (or Beastie Bay DX on non mobile platforms) is a unique game with monster training aspects that was originally available for free on your Android and iOS devices. Following the success of the title in the mobile space the game was released on Steam and the Nintendo Switch as a paid game under the title Beastie Bay DX (which also removes in app purchases). Regardless of platform and price tag players will find a gameplay adventure that seeks to blend monster capture and city building mechanics.


Starting your adventure from nothing players will be washed ashore on a deserted island surrounded by unfriendly beasts which makes expansion difficult. While your first thoughts are one of survival in time players will be able to progress to taming these beasts and expanding their influence across the island. In order to achieve this ultimate goal that Beastie Bay offers players will need to plant crops, construct buildings and generate sufficient power for the island paradise you are creating. After choosing your starting ally (dog, cat or duck) you will start exploring the unknown territory around your starting location. As you explore you’ll unlock new areas, beasts to use as your allies, residents, traders and additional buildings to help you build your island.

With an unknown island in front of players Beastie Bay captures that feeling of turning nothing into something with a progression curve that gives you new gear and technologies over time to help you reach that next level of progression. This curve is also consistently applied across both city building and monster capture RPG mechanics to ensure that each work in tandem to transform the island. A key roadblock to this expansion but one that also serves as a measure of your success is the dozen bosses that occupy particular map locations and need to be defeated.


These seems combat play a particular central role and not what you might expect from Beastie Bay when you first load in. This combat seems turn based battles where you’ll send your monsters into various map regions and dungeons as teams of 3 monsters. This group will then explore freely until they encounter opposition which is the point that the player can take command control or alternatively give your monster group full control to battle for themselves and speed up the overall process. A key part of success in this portion of the game is the give attributes of earth, lightning, water, fire and wind that each are strong and weak against one other element.

This combat is just one part of creating a successful monster island tough with the other ensuring that all your residents have a home which they’ll retreat to when they need to restore their strength after battles. Your island residents will also collect materials for you to use in buildings in the areas around their home so you have to carefully consider where to place them. Eventually you’ll also attract other human tourists who will spend money on attractions within your island and allow you to invest further in expansion.


The unique mix of game mechanics takes some getting used to and will definitely come across as odd at first but once you get your hands into the gameplay of Beastie Bay you’ll likely be hooked. On mobile in particular Beastie Bay strikes that rare balance where you can play for hours on end or play for small bursts of minutes at a time.


  • Unique gameplay that blends monster capture with city building as you move across a deserted island.
  • Lots of beasts to capture with five different elemental attributes.
  • Capture locations from bosses and build tourist attractions to earn an income for further exploration.
  • Play for long periods of time or short bursts with many different mechanics suited to different playtimes.
  • Free to play originally on mobile with a paid version for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).



Review Platform: iOS

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