Big Farm

  • Good progress curve through constantly expanding farms and unlockables
  • A full farming title with crops, livestock and production to maximise your profit with careful planning
  • Some minor glitches and annoyances particularly on older mobile devices
  • Challenges feel repetitive with many not making use of the full set of game mechanics Big Farm has

Big Farm is a farming simulation title that gives players all the necessary tools to design your own farm on browser and mobile devices. With various farms available and a wealth of mission content to conquer Big Farm provides a diverse amount of gameplay to conquer for fans of this popular social genre.


Like other exciting farm games Goodgame Big Farm is centred around players deciding on their favourite (and profitable crop) mixtures and tending to the fields carefully before harvesting them for profits at the game market. Along the way players can expand their farm to generate more profit with livestock and expansion to new farm locations.

This goal of constant expansion in Big Farm are in line with most other games in the social farming genre with players able to set their own goals amongst the core game missions as well. Broadly you’ll be taking an underdeveloped area of land and slowly transforming it into a thriving farm complete with crops, animals and even buildings to create a distinct visual design from other players. With quests to guide your progress and constant upgrades with each and every level it’s easily to get sucked into managing your farm for hours on end.


These structured missions are accepted by players and broadly fall into three categories of collect, produce or sell specific resources from your farms within a set time frame. Each of these provide certificates or reputation points that serve as an additional game currency alongside your standard in game money currency used to purchase things in the Big Farm environment. These quests are also important to help bring players up to speed on the process of growing, harvesting and selling your crops to expand your farm opportunities.

Unlike similar games that stop there though in Big Farm players also have to build and manage various structures. These can either turn basic materials into ones that will fetch a higher price or be required to house certain animals or complete a quest for expansion. Production cycles in particular in Big Farm are well thought out to ensure they are realistic and representative of real world farming cycles. With over 40 different buildings, nearly 100 hundred products to produce and over 100 visual customisations Big Farm has a high number of choices at every turn.


Overall this amount of control pushes the game much closer to an economic/city simulator than straight farm management game which will appeal to people that want greater control over what they build and constantly optimising for better returns from crops. This is also a cycle that repeats several times over with different themed farms for different types of goods from your main farm, gourmet farm, flower farm, island farm and candy farm with their own design challenges.

If you’ve enjoyed the simple games in this genre like FarmVille but are now seeking something with more depth and variety then Big Farm from Goodgame might be that opportunity.


  • Create a farm the way that you want with hundreds of building and decoration options for a unique visual design.
  • Lots of progression paths, missions and quests ensure there is always a task to complete.
  • Watch NPCs and animals walk around your farm as it expands in size.
  • Produce basic and advanced materials to improve your ability to maximise farm profits.
  • Free to play and browser based with mobile apps available (Big Farm: Mobile Harvest).



Review Platform: Browser

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. Big Farm is Big Headache

    This review is based on personal experience.

    Do you like farming games?

    Game is created by Goodgame Studios, an online games company founded in 2009 and based in Hamburg, Germany.

    Goodgame Big Farm is a free-to-play (freemium) farming simulator.

    Game requires flash player, a lot of RAM, is very slow and buggy.
    Customer support is useless.
    Community is great.
    Gameplay is very slow.
    Higher levels require YEARS of playing to achive.
    Game update on 16 August 2017. made many players VERY unhappy.

  2. Just been playing Big Farm via mistplay app.
    Only started at lower levels just to get a taster.
    Unlike other games similar to Big Farm this app does not have the annoying rare cash and you need a credit card to buy more problem.
    Cash and coins seem balanced which is better.
    I have seen on other reviews that the higher the buildings the more time you wait but this is standard in any game of this genre.
    The game is extremely addictive and easy to spend hours.
    Your phone running out of battery life will be the only thing that stops you from keeping going.
    Play on a laptop or tablet and it is game over, by this I mean you’re up all night.
    Star rating 5
    Caffeine level 10 cups of strong black coffee

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