Big Pharma

  • Plenty of research and ingredients to explore and appropriately utilise for profit, cures or both
  • Unique theme in the puzzle and optimisation genre
  • Core gameplay doesn't ever evolve significantly between scenarios with a mostly repeated game flow

Have you ever thought that you would be great at running your own giant pharmaceutical company? Chances are you haven’t but Big Pharma lets you live out this life anyway with a unique setting that combines the likes of puzzles, business management and tycoon games with a sprinkling of ethics thrown in. Success across these mechanics will result in a profitable and efficient company when it comes to curing various ailments of the population.


Throwing half a dozen different scenarios at you with over 30 challenges in total within these scenario Big Pharma is all about taking your company from its current position to riches while curing the human population along the way. Scenarios range from the easy beginner level where you have ample cash and only a single competitor to larger maps where you might start with significant debt and multiple other pharmaceutical companies to compete with for customers. It is within these interactions in particular that the ethical side of Big Pharma is explored as players make pricing and medical effectiveness decisions.

At the start of each scenario you’ll get to choose your company and which CEO you’ll play as for the challenges ahead. After this point you’ll be thrown onto the factory floor which will start small but can be expanded with your hard earned dollars to improve your research and output. It’s on this factory floor where Big Pharma is primarily played as players devise an appropriate but importantly efficient manufacturing drug process.


This factory floor puzzle has many intricacies to it but for the most part boils down to importing an appropriate ingredient and then processing it through a mixture of machines for the desired effect. This requires players to carefully balance the benefits with the downsides of drugs while also ensuring they are being as efficient as possible in their delivery to keep the costs at a level that the market can afford.

Machine vary from belts to move your medical mixtures across the factory floor to basic, advanced, auxiliary and makers to construct. Combining these together players will be able to dissolve ingredients, evaporate them, utilise ultraviolent light, analyse, shake and turn them into your desired delivery method such as a pill or cream to be packed.


The core formula is then built on with players hiring scientists to develop new techniques and explorers to find new ingredients that may offer better pricing outcomes or simply reduced side effects in the end result. Players must also keep a watchful eye on competitor products and how much demand there is for certain cures which change with world trends and disasters like the real world. Like your factory floor tools the number of diseases for players to cure are expansive with a mixture of common and rare challenges for players to tackle from simple painkiller to life saving cures for critical conditions.


  • Create your own pharmaceutical company from the ground up as you cure disease and profit over your competitors.
  • Blends management and puzzle into one single video game title.
  • Fight off competitors, research technology and find new ingredients to improve your efficiency and opportunity for profit.
  • Deep mechanics that capture real world medical complications and the associated business ethics.
  • Over 30 challenges split over several different scenarios to conquer.



Review Platform: PC

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