Bin Weevils

  • Lots to do – Unique – Based on the cartoon
  • Best features require membership or paid currency

Bin Weevils is a 3D virtual game created for kids to explore. The game takes place within a dustbin that is full of NPCs and other players who control their own weevil.


Bin Weevils has slowly grown from a popular cartoon series in 2003 to one of the most popular virtual worlds (launching in 2007). Bin Weevils lets players do all the things you would expect from a virtual world with a focus on chatting and playing games.

In the game players explore the fantasy bin based game world where everyone takes control of their own weevil avatar. Each player has access to their own nest which they are free to decorate with a variety of accessories to make it their own space. Your own personal nests can have up to 8 rooms and even include a garden where you can grow a variety of plants to earn experience and the in game currency.

This customisation extends to your avatar as well where you can change the look and feel of your weevil to something that fits your preferred style. There are an endless number of options available to you in the Shopping Mall with the game currency of Mulch. Mulch is earned in the same way as most other virtual worlds with players being rewarded on playing games within the Bin Weevils universe.


On top of Mulch there is the premium currency of Dosh which players can purchase directly or get a monthly allowance under the Bin Tycoon membership.

Of course as a game designed for children there are plenty of safety features to keep players safe while they explore and enjoy what Bin Weevil has to offer. Bin Weevil uses a number of chat filters to block out profanity and personal information which is always one of the biggest concerns in virtual worlds. On top of these filters Bin Weevils also has a strict set of guidelines that players must follow to ensure the bad apples are kept away from this virtual universe.


  • Take control of your own weevil.
  • Explore the virtual world that takes place inside a bin.
  • Based on the popular cartoon.
  • Customise your own nest and garden.
  • Full load of safety features.



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  1. Love Bin Weevils – best game out there! It’s sad it’s not as popular as Moshi Monsters, because truly it’s one of the best games out there for kids. They’ve also won four BAFTA awards.

  2. Bin Weevils is the best


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