BioShock Infinite

  • Strong gameplay core with a familiar BioShock mixture of player choice in how you approach combat
  • Build up doesn't quite achieve the level of payoff as you push through the story that is hard to follow in parts

BioShock Infinite grows the franchise once more with the third game in the critically acclaimed BioShock series. Like the titles before it players will find a mixture of first person shooter, light role playing mechanics and immersive storytelling that has you question the reality around you. Released in 2013 for multiple platforms BioShock Infinite would be further expanded with content expansion packs.


The backdrop for your adventure is primarily 1912 in the floating city known as Columbia which features steampunk elements with the city being funded by the United States to display their exceptional wealth and abilities to the world. In time though Columbia would separate itself from the United States to create its own state led by the self proclaimed prophet known as Zachary Hale Comstock. Linking his prophecy to the Founding Fathers of the United States the floating city is one that is plagued with both elitism and racism with players stumbling on the floating city on the edge of a civil war. Complicating your arrival further is the various tears in the fabric of space time around the city which some have exploited for their own gains and a mysterious girl known as Elizabeth can open.

In BioShock Infinite players take on the role of agent Booker DeWitt who is sent on a mission to rescue Elizabeth from captivity on Columbia to help settle his mounting gambling expenses. Rescuing Elizabeth is far from an easy task though with players quickly set on by the supports of Zachary Hale Comstock who want to control Elizabeth upon their arrival to Columbia. Throughout this rescue attempt and post rescue players will also quickly discover there is much more to her and the broader game world than meets the eye.


Gameplay during your mission is similar to that of the previous BioShock instalments with players fighting their way through a mostly linear storyline with a number of weapons, powers and associated environmental puzzles. Players are limited to carrying two weapons at a time while they scavenge ammunition for them from both the environment and fallen enemies. Alongside these traditional firearms players can also call on the superpowers of Vigors at the cost of Salt which allow players to disable opponents, blast lightning from their fingertips, summon crows or launch a fireball.

Defensively players are armed with a rechargeable shield that regenerates when not engaged in combat with your underlying health pool reliant on health kits or food items to recover if lowered. Both these shield and health values alongside your maximum reserve of Salts can be upgraded through careful exploration to reveal powerful Infusion upgrades.


This character customisation continues further through gear which offer passive bonuses to specific pieces of your equipment (hat, shirt, pants and boots) which once again encourages further exploration to find their locations. Given this gear can play an important role in boosting your Vigor power, survivability, damage or escape it’s always a difficult decision with your limited number of upgrades. Further difficulty can also be found in the hidden game mode (1999 mode) that dramatically increases the game difficulty after the first playthrough for those that want to repeat the adventure with a fresh challenge level.


  • FPS core gameplay with a touch of role playing elements to create your own character.
  • Unique story and game setting with your journey primarily set on the floating city of Columbia.
  • 1999 game mode offers a REAL challenge beyond your first playthrough
  • A complex tale with plenty of twists and turns to uncover behind the scenes.
  • Continues to build on the BioShock franchise of unique adventures with multiple paths to the game end.



Review Platform: PC

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