• Atmosphere – Player options – Story and setting
  • Game pacing is odd in parts – Repetitive enemy types

Step into the world of Rapture in BioShock and you won’t be disappointed. This popular first person shooter was released in 2007 across all major platforms and offers a very atmospheric and polished experience.


BioShock is set in the 1960s and has the player exploring the mysterious underwater city known as Rapture. During the game you’ll discover the history behind this city and the events that led to its eventual downfall.

In the game players take control of Jack who finds Rapture after a plane crash (of which you are the sole survivor). From here you are recruited by the unknown Atlas to stop the leader behind the mess in Rapture, Ryan. Eventually the game can end in one of two ways which is based on your actions during the game.

BioShock isn’t a straight first person shooter by any means and also incorporates some role playing elements into the game through things like plasmids and combat options. These plasmids are genetic enhancements that the player discovers throughout the game and are used to interact with the environment or attack enemies directly. Players also have the ability to choose from a number of different weapons along with tonics which are passive bonuses.


This opens a wide range of options for players in combat from stealth based approaches to run and gun and other indirect methods (such as hacking turrets or taking control of certain enemies).

BioShock walks the fine line between FPS and RPG and has plenty for fans of both genres. While the RPG features aren’t overly deep the atmosphere the game creates and the combat flexibility more than makes up for it.


  • Explore the underwater city of Rapture.
  • Interesting storyline that you won’t see coming.
  • Use different weapons, plasmids and tonics to suit your fighting style.
  • Make decisions that alter the games ending.
  • An amazing atmosphere and a must play game.



Review Platform: PC

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