Black & White 2

  • New RTS elements – Easy to get into – Visually great
  • Plot and quests aren't as fun as the original – Unnecessary micromanagement

Black & White 2 is a sequel to the first popular god game in the series and expands on the core gameplay with the addition of real time strategy elements.


In Black & White 2 players again take on the role of a god and use their hand to interact with the game world. Interaction mostly involves picking and placing items but also includes various miracles that require prayer power from the player’s believers. Just like in the original players have the option to assume an evil or good role based on the godly acts that they perform.

Good gods will focus on building positive buildings, acts of kindness and defending their population from attacks while evil gods will focus on conquest, destruction and building fear inspiring places of worship.

The creature system of the original also returns which lets players have a physical form inside the game world. Starting creature options have been expanded to include a cow, tiger, ape, lion and wolf which all have their own strengths and weaknesses which can severely alter your overall approach to gameplay.

For example players may choose to have a creature support their civilisation to boost ecomonic numbers or instead create a powerful battle unit to help in conquest.

Creatures are trained somewhat differently to the original game though with players having to purchase most abilities for their creature with Tribute rather than teaching them through repetition. While this means losing a fun and interesting mechanic of the game it is definitely a change for the best.


The addition of real time strategy also brings fresh life into the core gameplay experience on offer in Black & White 2. These game elements include different civilisations (Egypt, Greek, Japanese, Aztec and Norse), resource gathering (wood and ore) and even large scale army battles.

Black & White 2 is just as impressive as the original and different enough that it won’t feel like a repeat of the original to fans. Some of the more difficult game mechanics have also been simplified to help bring new gamers to the series.


  • Assume the role of god once again in this sequel.
  • Choose your creature and groom them.
  • New real time strategy elements change up the gameplay.
  • Fight large scale battles in order to get new believers.
  • Minimal HUD keeps you focused on the game.



Review Platform: PC

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