Blacklight: Retribution

  • Well balanced – Futuristic loadouts
  • New development team taking the game in bad directions

Set in a cyberpunk world is Blacklight: Retribution, a free to shooter available for both Windows and PlayStation 4. Offering massive weapon customisation and strong graphics it is on the higher quality spectrum of free to play shooters.


Blacklight is all about combining the futuristic technology on offer to create an ideal loadout for your character. While switching options in and out is easy the costs can quickly add up so it is often more advantageous to focus on a single playstyle first.

Itemisation is quite fair in Blacklight in particular, while paying players will get access to item earlier than non paying counter parts everyone can eventually get hold of everything, differences between weapons are also fairly minor so that weapons are more effective in different situations rather than overpowered in all. Customisation is more than just weapons though with grenade types, accessories and various special items.

One of the real unique points of Blacklight: Retribution is the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) which grants the brief ability to look through walls. This helps keep action constant and also prevents camping. The length of time HRV can be extended with the right loadout although as you cannot attack while using it any more than the default is generally overkill.


Other unique offerings in Blacklight include weapon depots that allow purchasing of special equipment in each game using Combat Points which are earned in each match for actions (taking out opponents or capturing points depending on the game mode). These game modes include all the usual offerings with team death match, capture the flag and domination being the three most popular.

Blacklight: Retribution is a high quality offering in the military themed FPS genre with a few fun ideas that makes for exciting combat but also a balanced experience.


  • Military FPS that uses futuristic technology.
  • Create your loadout to match your playstyle.
  • Use the HRV to find your enemies where they hide.
  • Fair and balanced game systems.
  • Play on Windows and PlayStation 4.



Review Platform: PC

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