Blitz Brigade

  • Large number of weapons, maps and game modes (including single player) for a mobile FPS title
  • 6 classes with different skills and playstyle to experience
  • Only two initial classes available requires players to grind or pay for the unlocks

Available for both iOS mobile devices Blitz Brigade is a simple team based shooter that supports up to 6v6 battles and seeks to create a basic but enjoyable hero shooter in the mobile game space. Released in 2013 the title features both multiplayer and training game modes where players can test their first person shooter mechanics within over 100 training mission challenges.


Featuring 6 classes and a multitude of armoury options Blitz Brigade is big on choice for a game designed for the mobile environment and ahead of similar mobile competitors as a result. Combined with the fact that Blitz Brigade allows players to test their skills in the single player challenges before stepping into the multiplayer arena where game modes such as capture the flag, domination and team death match can be played there is a diverse set of content available.

Regardless of your preferred game mode you’ll earn both experience and coins as you fight for the Allies or Axis which unlock extra classes or can be used on gear to customise your fighter further. Said classes include the Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth and Demolisher which come with different stats, run speeds and playstyles in addition to skills much like other larger scale hero shooter options that range from blink abilities to being able to see through walls or setup a turret for defensive purposes.


The starting classes of Blitz Brigade are the Soldier and Gunner that have similarities to help new players learn the core game mechanics. On one hand players will find the Soldiers has 750 health points, the ability to stun enemies and a focus on submachine guns or assault rifles that are paired with pistol based weapons. In time the Soldier can also be upgrades to boost clip size, critical change, fire rate, damage, range and reload time with their primary weapon that makes them deadly in many situations.

In comparison the starting Gunner class has a large health pool of 1,000 which is also the largest in the game. This durable class doubles down on this high health value with a healing shield ability while utilising heavy machine guns that come with large magazine sizes and the potential for splash damage against enemies that are nearby your main target.


Further customisation through coins comes in the form of taunts, hats and character quotes along with over 100 weapon options allowing you to find something that suits your playstyle, character and the present game situation. If the large array of weapons doesn’t take your fancy you’ll be able to step into a number of vehicles instead that give alternative ways to battle against the enemy.

With all the core features of a great shooter and a steady progression curve to keep you entering matches you’ll get plenty of content hours from Blitz Brigade as you seek to unlock classes and new weapons.


  • Supports up to 12 players per match for a balanced combat experience across small to medium map sizes.
  • Choose from 6 classes with their own diverse skills, stats and weapon options.
  • Utilise over 100 weapons across different weapon types to suit your preferred playstyle.
  • Multiple game modes that include vehicle combat and single player options for plenty of content.
  • Available on iOS platforms.



Review Platform: iOS

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