Block Story

  • Large number of monsters and equipment provide plenty of core content length
  • Quests and levels provide additional RPG content to a familiar sandbox structure
  • Includes microtransactions within the paid game version that leaves a bad taste in the mouth
  • Some elements are come across unfinished or inconsistent with the broader game

Block Story adds role playing elements to the sandbox and combat gameplay loop popularised by Minecraft and other building based block games. Available on Windows Block Story was one of the leading choices across these platforms on initial release surpassing many other games that had attempted to replicate the Minecraft formula at the time.


Block Story is designed to give players complete control of the landscape before them with a freedom to build and battle across the block based lands. Which direction you adventure is entirely in your hands and with the assistance of dragons and other creatures you’ll quickly be able to traverse large areas of the game while gaining a different perspective to walking on the ground. This is particularly a great way for players to gain a vantage point over any stronghold they’ve built from the dozen of game blocks that include the usual array of woods, light sources, furniture, crafting tables, stone, ore and living plants.

To help provide some structure to this investigation Block Story players will be able to accept game quests across the games 10 biomes that each hold their own enemies, boss monsters and valuable resources which each play their own role in your equipment upgrade cycle. While survival is priority number one in Block Story in time your objective will shift to conquering every corner of the block based world. These biomes include an array of familiar and unique settings that span the likes of a desert wasteland, forest, outer worlds, forgotten sky, hades, prehistoric marsh and arctic mountain ranges.


Players are not alone in the world of Block Story though with wizards and other NPCs to teach you vital skills or direct you to your next quest objective all the while helping to build that sense of living world. In between these interactions players still have plenty to do though with activities that include mining, crafting, building, exploring and fighting with many providing experience or materials to the player. Nearly all of these activities provide you with a solid amount of experience to help you advance through the game.

This experience is pivotal to your player process with levels allowing you to improve your health points, mana and other skills that help you build a specialist in your preferred combat style. Skills include raw health and mana, underwater breathing, sword damage, arrow damage, bow force, gun power, mage damage, loot distance, walk speed, fly speed and dig speed.


Fighting is more enjoyable in Block Story than other similar games though thanks to the wide range of weapons and enemies. Weapons include things like swords, bows, staffs and even guns to ensure you can fight the nearly 100 enemy types (passive, neutral and aggressive) the way that you want. Obtaining the best items in particular require rare resources with each weapon serving a purpose with their unique damage, elemental specialties and other stat enhancements.


  • Minecraft inspired sandbox game with RPG elements through quests, levels and skills.
  • Over 80 monster types including bosses that offer a range of diverse designs and challenges.
  • Large number of weapons and equipment to use to conquer the varied threats and complete NPC quests.
  • Build your own stronghold from the multitude of block types to create a unique structure.
  • Available on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. AWESOME GAME! ALMOST BETTER THAN MINECRAFT! to bad it crashes alot, especialy in hell. also, water does not spread :/ also, floating lava is common in hell.

  2. no multiplayer?

  3. looks good just not As many features as mine craft animals and humans aren’t blocky like rest of game kinda makes it seem weird but really looks like aa good game i only have android one so i don’t know all features but really looks great :)

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