Block Story

  • Available on multiple platforms – Quests and levels – Large number of monsters and equipment
  • Needs some more polish in a few spots

Block Story adds role playing elements to the gameplay popularised by Minecraft and other building block games. It’s available across a large range of platforms including Windows, iOS and Android with free and paid (Premium) options on mobile devices.


Block Story was put together by two developers that wanted to create a Minecraft type game with RPG elements (quests, people, skills, levels). The game has been a labour of love for nearly two years before making its way to the public and is very impressive for such a small team.

In Block Story you’ll complete a large range of activities that include mining, crafting, building, exploring, fighting and questing. Nearly all of these activities provide you with a solid amount of experience to help you advance through the game. This experience allows you to level up and increase your strength in particular areas. Mining, crafting and building are all extremely similar to Minecraft so fans of the popular block sandbox game will instantly feel at home with these game aspects.

Questing and Fighting is what really sets this game apart though. Upon starting the game you will be able to accept quests from Ted or from other friendly NPCs as you progress. Most of these quests revolve around fighting one way or another.


Fighting is much more enjoyable in Block Story than other games though thanks to the wide range of weapons and enemies. Weapons include things like swords, bows, staffs and even guns to ensure you can fight enemies the way that you want. Each weapon type has a large number of items that allow you to advance your power. The enemies also vary greatly in design to include over 80 types and even several boss type monsters.

The feature list doesn’t stop there in Block Story though there are also plenty of other equipment slots for you to use, multiple control modes, vehicles, teleporting and a uniquely infinite game world in both up and down directions.


  • Minecraft with RPG elements (quests and levels).
  • Great platform availability (Windows, iOS and Android).
  • Over 80 monster types with included bosses.
  • Large number of weapons and equipment to use.
  • Well priced for the amount of content available.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. AWESOME GAME! ALMOST BETTER THAN MINECRAFT! to bad it crashes alot, especialy in hell. also, water does not spread :/ also, floating lava is common in hell.

  2. no multiplayer?

  3. looks good just not As many features as mine craft animals and humans aren’t blocky like rest of game kinda makes it seem weird but really looks like aa good game i only have android one so i don’t know all features but really looks great :)


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