Book of Life: Sugar Smash

  • Flashy and colourful gameplay that stays true to the style of the film
  • Load times between levels can be quite high and slow down your matching progression

Match candies in the charming game world of Book of Life: Sugar Smash, a match three puzzle based adventure that has you collecting the required treats across hundreds of game levels. Splitting itself across dozens of different landscapes Book of Life: Sugar Smash features some sweetly satisfying challenges.


In these levels you’ll be helping Maria, Joaquin and Manolo to collect the yummy treats that fill the game board in order to achieve the objective for that level in a limited number of moves. The formula employed by Book of Life: Sugar Smash definitely is nothing new in this regard but the charm and general presentation of the game are some of the highest in the genre despite the lack of innovation. With a focus on the limited moves mechanic Book of Life: Sugar Smash will require careful planning of each match to ensure you can beat objectives consistently.

It’s also one of the most flashiest experiences in the genre on mobile with plenty of ways to get the game board to explode with colour for large scores which has quickly become standard for the genre. It does this while also being very responsive even on older devices of both iOS and Android variants which ensures nothing is slowing down your matching game speed. While in game action is responsive this comes at the cost of fairly long load times in between each level which unfortunately slows down your movements between the 100+ levels.


Book of Life: Sugar Smash doesn’t waste time ramping up the difficultly of the puzzle matching game either and quickly increases the requirements for each level less than half a dozen games in which can make it difficult for fresh players to get a strong footing. This difficultly is also enhanced by the strange game board shapes and obstacles that cannot be moved and limit your options to create matches making this title recommended for the intermediate fan of the genre.

In order to counteract this difficultly players are given a few special tricks which can be used to tip the balance back into their favour. Such as the maraca that lets you destroy a single tile and can come in handy when you find yourself just shy of your objective with limited moves left. Extra turns are also never fair away although will cost you a penny and not a long term solution for most players.


With the addition of movie tie-in elements to the Book of Life (including some voice acting from stars), responsive gameplay and higher tier of level difficulty that Book of Life: Sugar Smash has to offer makes it one of the stronger match three puzzle games currently available although might not be suited to first time players.


  • Features characters, voices and settings from The Book of Life movie.
  • Great level variety that spans over 100 levels with a mixture of sweet and musical fantasy.
  • Flashy, colourful and responsive gameplay for iOS and Android users.
  • Use powerful power ups to overcome difficult levels and achieve your objective.
  • Regular updates, challenges and events to expand the available content.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. I have reached level 110, this had become my favorite game, but putting so many of the clocks in with only a few seconds to match them, plus put the items in the basket, I am ready to quit! If there was only a few clocks it would be one thing, or if clocks were the only thing to match! They need more time either way!

  2. I’m on Level 261, so the game has more levels than the review says. Just FYI.


  4. on level 759 level seems impossible as you need 15 purple have been playing this level now for weeks and have not even seen one yet so if they are not there how are you supposed to get past that level

    • Same here Mick, weeks and no sign of purple! Maybe you have to reach a certain score?

  5. Very addictive game, but it’s clearly run like a business…..they do everything they can to try and trick you into buying boosters:(

  6. Im on level 4189 for weeks, Cant figure out how to get the green ones to beat this level. Any ideas where to find hints for it?

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