Borderlands 2

  • Distinct class designs that each play differently and provide a great sense of skill tree progress
  • Random loot system provides a great sense of item hunt from first hour to the last hour
  • Flat level and world design that makes the open world feel linear
  • Some generic story elements that will likely land flat for players

Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter that incorporates action role playing elements and loot drops into its core gameplay cycle. Building on the foundation of the original this 2012 release in the Borderlands franchise allows players to once again explore the planet of Pandora from the first game half a decade before.


Alongside this familiar location players will have a returning villain in the form of Handsome Jack who is once again seeking the power of a new Vault. Despite the familiar location and opponent your character for this adventure will be one of the new Vault Hunters who ally with the resistance group of the Crimson Raiders to stop Jack in his tracks.

With five years having passed in the world of Borderlands you’ll find many references to the events of the original Borderlands story. In the present day Jack’s influence has grown significantly with his corporation now ruling over Pandora with a hard iron fist from the large space station Helios in orbit. With Jack aware of your arrival a failed sabotage event leaves you weakened and deep in a frozen wasteland before you are rescued by Claptrap where you meet up with other allies to overthrow Jack’s control.


In order to do so players will embark on countless battles against the henchmen and robots of Jack with one of the four playable Vault Hunters (expanded to 6 through DLC). This includes Axton the Commando, Maya the Siren, Salvador the Gunzerker, Zer0 the Assassin, Gaige the Mechromancer and Kreig the Pyscho that all have their own three skill trees to build your playstyle around. Staples of this characters are active and passive abilities with each having a preferred weapon type and element to build around which encourages co-operative play for the hardest available game content.

With your preferred character players follow the main quest while also completing countless side quests from other NPCs or the bounty boards spread across the world. In traditional RPG fashion as you advance through Borderlands 2 you’ll gain experience points for your character to be spent on improving characters skills. With each having three distinct skill trees it is highly likely that two players playing the same class may use their their strengths and skills in a completely different way.


While underlying class skills are important the strongest element to your progression and also the most attractive game mechanic of the franchise is the randomised loot. Building on the foundations of the original players will once again go on the ultimate loot hunt of Borderlands 2 to find that perfect weapon from enemies, quests or through the various stores.


  • Return to Pandora to stop Jack from opening a newly located Vault with one of the four (six with DLC) Vault Hunters.
  • Each class offers three distinct skill trees to customise your combat playstyle.
  • Collect the perfect weapon and accessory with the randomised loot system.
  • Traverse the story and additional challenges solo or with a friend in co-op mode.
  • Large main storyline and plenty of side quests that are full of content and humour.



Review Platform: PC

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