• Relaxing soundtrack – Beautiful graphics
  • Tedious and some frustrating puzzles

From the same studio that brought you Machinarium comes Botanicula, a point-and-click game that boasts intricate, captivating graphics and calming background music.


Botanicula is centred on five adorable “tree creatures” that resemble a big walnut, an onion, a lanky mushroom, a twig and a hovering feather. The aim of the game is to save their tree from evil parasites.

As you explore the world of Botanicula, you will encounter eccentric characters that you have to help in order to advance. It is interesting to note that Botanicula has no words in the game itself, and is based on nothing but the illustrations (in a very similar manner to Machinarium).

The game world is also quirky in a number of others ways. For example, you’ll run into a lopsided shaman with a seashell hat who wants nothing more than a seed in exchange for an egg, and only with that egg can you advance. But, in order to find the requested seed, you need to appease yet another creature who wants a red plant. The chain goes on, and every little whim of all these characters have to be tended to in order to complete the entire game.

Note that Botanicula isn’t your everyday point-and-click game, the game isn’t just about finding objects to accomplish your goal, with an emphasis on exploration and taking in the game world around you. Not every map has something you need to attain to advance, but every map has something interactive that you can play with, listen to, or just watch and laugh (such as a surprising little puppet show).


Botanicula isn’t perfect though and it can get frustrating when you fail to solve a puzzle repeatedly or you end up getting lost in the huge map and wind up going in endless circles. If you’ve played Machinarium this will probably less of an issue but newcomers to the works of Amanita Design might struggle through some points.

Some of the puzzles are pretty tedious and require precise actions, this is great for people enjoy their brains getting picked and are creative enough to think out of the box, but can prove terribly annoying for others.


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • No words or instructions will put your puzzle skills to the test.
  • Adorable main characters.
  • Great for creative minds.
  • Focus on exploration and immersion rather than completion of the game.



Review Platform: PC

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