Braveland Wizard

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  • Perfect for beginners – Improves on the original with dungeons and a skill tree
  • Short – Not worth a second playthrough

Braveland Wizard builds on the original turn based adventure by introducing a new Wizard hero for players to command. With plenty of other enhancements ensuring a longer and more satisfying adventure the game is bound to captivate fans of tactical turn based gaming and the original Braveland experience.


Available across multiple platforms and offering three different difficulty levels Braveland Wizard is accessible to both gamers returning to the franchise or newcomers to the genre. Your adventure starts with a newly graduated wizard at your command and a number of apprentices as the seek to explore the world and help people along the way.

Slowly your party of adventurers will expand to include archers, powerful melee heroes and much more, allowing you to create a diverse team for battle. Gameplay mechanics in Braveland Wizard stay fairly simple by limiting each type of character to a single icon on the battle grid. So for example your 5 archers will appear as a single archer graphic with strength of 5, while this does limit your strategy as your archers will all move as a single unit it simplifies the game and keeps it fun on the smaller mobile devices.

To navigate between battles and advance the story Braveland Wizard uses a simplified overworld where players can accept quests, visit shops and explore side dungeons for extra loot and experience (some of which you can repeat endlessly). Once a battle is initiated the player is taken to a standard hexagonal field full of various obstacles to hinder movement from your side of the battlefield (left) to the enemy (right).


Ultimately your goal is to defeat the enemy by moving your units around the battlefield and attacking them with standard attacks, special abilities or powerful spells that your wizard casts.

The addition of dungeons you can farm and a detailed skill tree make the sequel a great improvement over the original. Braveland Wizard isn’t immune from the issues of the first game though as it still suffers from being a short game experience with limited replay potential.


  • The second addition to the Braveland series.
  • Simple turn based tactical combat.
  • Develop your skills through the skill tree system to define your playstyle.
  • Great enemy and hero variety.
  • Available on multiple platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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