Bravely Default

  • Combat variety and challenge – Job system
  • Some limitations on freedom – Waiting times for some mechanics

Enjoy deeply satisfying combat as you adventure across a fantasy world in Bravely Default a role playing experience that mixes many elements together centring on a very enjoyable combat experience.


The bones of the game are a traditional turn based JRPG but it’s much more than this once you look beyond the surface. Your first impressions will be pleasant as you take in the wonderful hand drawn backgrounds and fantasy story with memorable characters and decent voice acting to bring them to life.

Not long into your journey players will complete their four person party which ensures all the combat depth is available quite early into your adventure, giving you time to master it for the difficultly battles ahead. Each of your companions belongs to a class (known as jobs) which bring different skills and stats to your party. With 14 levels to acquire for each job and two dozen different jobs balancing your team is a game in itself.

Where Bravely Default is unique though is in the ability to swap jobs at will and still have access to the skills of a past job. This adds an insane amount of strategy as you plan a path for all your characters to obtain the skills you want your team possess.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in combat strategy with the brave and default mechanics giving you way more decisions against enemies. Brave lets you consume 4 turns at once for a character to unleash a huge amount of power in a single turn but leaves you exposed. While default does the opposite allowing you to store turns and defend against incoming attacks.


The strategic impact of these mechanics is far reaching and while the more simple uses such as putting your healer on default until needed or blasting through easier opponents by activating brave on all your characters at once to speed up encounters will become apparent early on the real depth will take you an entire game to master.

Topping off the experience with the ability to call on your friends in the heat of battle and creating your own city complete with shops Bravely Default has a wealth of JRPG style content that goes above and beyond the usual stock standard offering in this space.


  • Two dozen different jobs to mix and match whenever you please.
  • Unique brave and default mechanics to add more decisions to combat.
  • Large world with a huge number of side quests to keep you occupied.
  • Get a helping hand in combat by calling on your friends.
  • Available on Nintendo 3DS.



Review Platform: 3DS

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