Bubble Island 2: World Tour

  • Interesting use of physics and bubble match
  • Slow loads – 3 life system is restrictive

Introducing more physics based game elements into the bubble shooter genre is Bubble Island 2: World Tour a game from the same Wooga team behind the popular Jelly Splash.


Opting to use berries in the place of bubbles, Bubble Island 2: World Tour has the familiar offerings of a bubble shooter. Playing as a Rico Racoon you’ll match up berries in bunches of 3 or more to clear them from the game board. While the mechanics seem similar on the surface tit only takes a few levels to realise that this mobile title has much more to it.

Unlike other bubble shooters Bubble Island 2: World Tour separates itself by being more puzzle and physics based than its competitors. The game does this by employing a few unique mechanics such as the screw berries which will not move and enable attached berries to pivot and swing, creating the possibility of various combos as you swing similar coloured berries into each other.


This combines with the fact that berries that do not form a match will also bounce off berries of different colours, creating for some crazy trick shots as you bounce them off each other and the walls to reach hard locations. To help you capitalise on this Bubble Island 2: World Tour assists by slowly taking the player through the layout of each level before the game begins.

You’ll have to master all of these mechanics quickly to overcome the levels of Bubble Island 2: World Tour which start with basic key collection tasks (by destroying berries they are attached too) to pushing a hot air balloon to the top of the screen and much more. Just like other games with hundreds of levels these mechanics expand over time with new  level types, additional berry types, food items to collect and boosters.


  • Blends bubble shooter with physics.
  • Conquer plenty of levels as you collect food items.
  • Lots of game types to add variety to gameplay.
  • Bounce berries off walls and other berry types.
  • Play for free on Android.



Review Platform: Android

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