Bulu Monster

  • Wonderful monster variety with a wealth of skills and elements to balance in the combat battles
  • Game art style that presents locations, NPCs and monsters full of unique designs
  • Capture chance is often low and relies too heavily on randomisation that can make completing your monster collection a frustrating grind where you feel like you lack agency

Bulu Monster offers players a monster collecting title for mobile devices (iOS and Android) with millions of downloads since it was released in July 2013 by Sigma Game. Despite being released many years ago the game has continued to update graphics, mechanics and other elements that has ensured it remains a popular monster battle experience. Beyond the core monster battles players will also find a large game world ready for exploration alongside some light role playing features that aim to help it stand out against the sea of other games with similar themes.


The appropriately named Bulu island is the setting for your Bulu Monster adventure which is split into an abundance of zones that each hide their own common and rare monster types. From the initial farm location where you store your captured monsters throughout your adventure you’ll visit the likes of forests, caves, deserts, beaches, volcanos, ice lands and a number of event zones that is each visually distinct. Ultimately your goal is to save your friend Rania alongside other side quests and general battles against monster trainers on the way.

This visual design weighs heavily to an anime art style that results in a colourful, vibrant and bright adventure that is consistently applied across the settings, monsters and NPC encounters. These serve as a perfect backdrop for your lengthy journey which is focused on battling and collecting the 340+ monsters. Reminiscent of the original Pokémon games (although a simplified formula) players will have to explore every location and evolve monsters from their basic to advanced forms.


Each of these monsters are carefully crafted from your initial starting options that include flaming bird known as firechick to the dancing lion that draws inspiration from the dragon dances of the real world. Alongside the diverse designs you’ll find a range of acquisition methods from starting options, finding them in the wild, events and other miscellaneous methods.

In addition players will find varying stats (rarity, vitality, power, defence and agility) and their own skill tree with most having around a dozen skills that are unlocked at specific levels. Like the similar Pokémon franchise each of these skills in Bulu Monster have a specific element type, power rating and accuracy value which means you’ll have to choose carefully which to utilise in combat. These elements include common, earth, fire, water, ice, lightning, wind, spirit, evil and dragon that have advantage and disadvantage attacks against other element types.


All of this is explored in Bulu Monster through a traditional RPG structure with player exploring the world one location and square at a time to find, capture, evolve and fight a variety of monsters or other monster trainers. A focus on single touch controls also makes it easy for players to explore or engage in the combat which is a traditional turn based monster affair that the genre is known for.


  • Impressive visuals bring the diverse game world and monsters to life on your mobile device.
  • Plenty of islands to explore, monsters to collect and trainers to battle.
  • Multiplayer support to put your team to the ultimate test against other Bulu Monster players.
  • Impressive control setup which helps keep gameplay fast paced with the ability to single tap control all gameplay events.
  • Available for free on your iOS android Android devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. I agree! This game is amazing. You can play it offline and once you are strong enough, you can go ahead and fight against other players online. However, there are cooler monsters that are not available.

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